alcatel OT-903

alcatel OT-903

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  • Anonymous

How can i fix the boot loop problem?

  • Anonymous

What can I do to stop it from going back to the home page, every time I go to play a game it Say's loading launcher?

  • timggggffffghgdfh

Put a 32gb memory card.from your apps to memory card.if u sont have space delete an app.anything u can.write down what it is first .you may want to reinstall.move everything posibke to external sd card

  • AnonD-434140

rusty nail, 14 Sep 2013I bought this in Argos only had it a week found it sluggish I co... moreDear kindlsy share the succuess method for rooting pl.

  • AnonD-434140

Dear, Kindly share rooting method and if possible how to swap SD card to use as internal memoary after partition. If this happens.. this phone will rocks.. :)

  • dynamic

why is my phone saying insufficent space when i try to download an app.

  • dynamic

i cant go on watsapp its keep on telling me to set date

  • boy975

I haven't use this phone for a year and now i tried to start the phone and it is asking for a PIN code but i don't have inserted a sim card into the phone ? How can i fix this problem? Thanks

  • Rex Kent

How do I block an incoming number?

  • mark86

how to calibrate this phone? it seems that the touch features malfunction

  • liza

Its a great phone worth its price only problem is it cannot dwnload games like temple run subway surfer and all. Other fun things

  • menna nony

how much o'clock ?

  • Loida

How to sync new photos from phone to computer or laptop?

  • chuchai

You need an SD to save all your data coz this phone has a small internal mem.

  • Anonymous

How do I save videos from whattsapp? Pls :-)

  • Anonymous

How can I save pictures and music in the phone without SD card? Please I need an answer now

  • marcotec

i have rooted mine, here is the link­=1982257&page=2

  • era

how can i fix my camera because it dosent work and i cant make photos because when i turn on camera then screen shows me a text CANNOT CONNNECT TO CAMERA

  • Anonymous

from 1 to 10 I will give a score of 7
kind of slow, dificulties to stream videos, crashes a lot

  • pooscrag

AnonD-117292, 27 Feb 2013good phone price and quality This phone is ok quite slow and crashes alot but the radio sound is good and all social networks are fine and camera is ok its cheap like a budgie so im not going to complain