alcatel OT-916

alcatel OT-916

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I wouldn't expect ALCATEL of all companies to make such a phone!

  • krislord

how can I remove the safe mode? its kind'a annoying.. plss tell me

  • john

can you upgrade the OS of this phone or not?

  • maich......KENYA

This phone is kul but the heating problem which drains the battery,
2)It hangs when on call and makes funny noises
3)it doesn't have a vibrator for Sms message alert.
4)memory too small but you can transfer the ups to external mem and all will be ok.

Pliiiz help me with the hanging problem solution and the funny noise

  • vic

hello. where i can find a new digitizer for this phone. i searched everywhere with no luck. thank you.

  • dyvbrum

bottom line, you should not buy or patronize alcatel anymore, they abandone their products... should buy samsung or other brands that still support their older version products, and never ever should alcatel, its a waste of money buying their products

  • Mina

To all the people that are having problems with the Facebook button:
Turn on your wifi, go to Google Playstore, update your Facebook program, after that exit Google Playstore, do not log in on Facebook and turn off your wifi. After that turn on the wifi again and after some time the window which asks you to make your phone more social by using the Fb button will appear. Click allow, log in on Fb, wait some time and then exit. After that turn off your wifi and you can uninstall the updates of the Fb application if you don't use it, the window won't appear anymore. You'll still have the factory version of the application. I did this and it worked fine, that annoying window doesn't appear anymore.

  • DavCurtis

hey i also have this facebook shit that keeps appearing when am browsing,,what the hell i'm i suppose to do.

  • cramteews

paul, 11 Dec 2013My phone is lock,please help me unlock my phoneYou can unlock ur phone, just google search it..I already did it..

  • AnonD-216246

How i can install apps on my 4GB microSD card.
My internal memory is full up
Please do help me


  • baziboli

i keep haven this facebook thing appearing on my sreen when am not on facebook and this disturb my browsing

  • paul

SLENZ, 31 Aug 2013my fone is lock n r u able to help me unlock my fone plis... My phone is lock,please help me unlock my phone

  • paul

SLENZ, 31 Aug 2013my fone is lock n r u able to help me unlock my fone plis... My phone is lock,can you help unlock my phone?

  • Mai

How can I desactivate the 911 button on the blocked screen???

  • dyvbrum

what i did with the "F" button, i reformat my phone, did not activate the facebook for activation of F button, I just used the browser to login the facebook and after logging in, i did make a bookmark which i could use for logging to facebook... no annoyance from F button ever again...

  • jo

Can you upgrade the OS?

  • steve

Anne, 07 Apr 2013Can anyone let me know how to down my photos from this phone, ca... moreInstall drivers

  • codesmithx

Boal, 25 Sep 2013The 'activate the f button' is the biggest headache. When it pop... moreHey. get the apk for Version 2.0, install it,login, then click the f button to activate, it works. After that you can uninstall updates to free some space

  • Boal

The 'activate the f button' is the biggest headache. When it pops up it cuts you off the internet, and it does that repeatedly/annoyingly.

  • cyrus

recently i uninstalled whatsapp application in my phone but after downloading again and installing, i cant receive any sms rather i receive an sms notification that my memory is full and an incoming sms has been blocked. I deleted literally all my inbox sms but i it didnt solve my problem not until i uninstalled the app again. Please help