alcatel OT-918D

alcatel OT-918D

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  • timfloyd

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2012Nice Phone! Simple and functional.I want one.Hope it will b... moreyes you're right

  • :-)

that smartphone can upgrade up to android gingerbread 2.3.6

  • Help

I can't connect to wifi please help....

  • Pop

I have this mobile phone for second year!
+++ (the good)
Very strong... i drop it down many times and its continue working fine!!
Good camera sensor for only 3mp..
Working fine with 2 sims..
good battery 3+ days with medium use..
----- (the bad)
Very simple phone, small memory, slow cpu , no good for games..|
this phone is cheap and recommended for phone calls , for music, and for simple pictures...

  • vishal

Hindi langauge not support what i do

  • Anonymous

Im using this phone for 2 years, its very good for money.
Only bad the very small memory.

  • palzee

my alcatel OT 918D lost its cache I took it to a technician after it was given a new cache it rejected duol sim but just recognised the sim 1only

help me recover my 4n

  • Anonymous

steeliconics, 31 Mar 2013Hi! Is Android Jelly bean 4.1.1 possible on this handset an... moreT-com Move2

  • happy

what happen to my cam,,always say cannot connect to camere

  • AnonD-341373

franconero, 07 Jan 2014How can i root my device alcatel OT 918D please replyHi you want to root ur alcatel ot-918D?

This app that root ur phone
this app rooted my phone

Download this app in
Search for. Root 4.3 and download it!!!

  • Anonymous

cag, 01 Apr 2013what app?How to remove my application

  • AnonD-315296

Didie, 22 Jul 2014How want root?Download RapGenius... plug in the phone .... click start... your phone now granted root acces and KingUser installed on your phone
to flash a CWM ... download scatter-2.3.X.txt and SP scatter tool.. and a recovery.img ... thats all

  • Didie

venz, 26 Nov 2012i have this phone and i successfully rooted it... and also ... moreHow want root?

  • Anonymous

Really good phone, the two sim-card are very usefull, nog I can combine both work and private stuff in one cell phone, I used this uboxing video to convince me btw:

  • jp

hello everyone. all unlock problem and security code is you need to reformat or factory reset,just click power button and volume up..

  • nick72

cat, 03 Jul 2013y cant i get one of these in jamaica :( smh i want one of t... moreyes you can get one in Jamaica...... but it depends on where u r... i live in old harbour st.cathering and the lime store here has a few in stock... i am actually planning to buy one very soon.. :)

  • Mahesh

Can i down load Wowcall software

  • franconero

How can i root my device alcatel OT 918D please reply

  • AnonD-215579

How I can unlock my Alcatel OT-918D I'm in Tanzania.

  • AnonD-215579

How I can unlock my Alcatel OT-918D I'm in Tanzania.