alcatel OT-995

alcatel OT-995

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  • Daron

I think its a great phone for its money value...
However it seems I can not find it on the online shops!?
If somebody can recoment some online shop from where I can order it.. I live in SouthUeastern Europe (Balcans)


  • Anonymous

this phone is already available in the phillipes... its price is affordable 13,999 pesos... wanna buy this one.

  • NAVP

Speed, size for easy viewing, unique interface (Android differentiator), sleek...

Have a sample and it really is incredible how the device matches up!

A truly top spec'd handset!!

  • AAA

While we are waiting for a complete review, there is some info about OT-995 perfomance:

AnTuTu v2.7.3
Overall score: 2950

RAM: 433
CPU overall: 972
Floating point: 422
2D graphic: 158
3D graphic: 660
I/O: 305
CPU clock: 1401 MHz
proof pic:

Other info:
RAM (total available): 363 MB
ROM (total): 999 MB
OS: Gingerbread 2.3.6
proof pic:

  • AnonD-51882

i compare with ace 2 and huawei honor.... better over planning to buy one... :)

  • Anonymous

yes pls gsmarena review this planning to buy new phone and this is one in the list....

  • giiiiiiii

Axl, 19 Apr 2012Android 2.2 only? Youtube test videos show the 995 to be either ... morenow is 2.3.6 and soon will be 4.0

  • Axl

Eventhough its not aspopular as other brands, gsmarena should make a detailed review as it is alcatels flagship phone. Heck they already reviewed the huawei honor which directly competes with the 995.

  • Axl

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2012when is the phone avail in the philippines...thanksAccdg to Alcatel's local FB site, the 955 is arriving next week. This phone is a good buy. For its specs, PhP13,999 is a bargain. I just wish there is a detailed review of it I can find before i buy it.

  • Anonymous

I bought the Handset from DARTY in Paris. It costed 209 Euros and in addition to that Alcatel gives a 30 Euro Rebate. So the actual cost of the Mobile Phone is 179 Euros only.

Its just the start. For that price the Mobile Phone works exceedingly well.

Be it the A-GPS, tooks a few mins the first time I set it up, or the installation or uninstallation.

The Camera is good but not that good. It has a nice touch and feel for that price.

The best part was the battery. Wifi was On all night and still it could do well in the morning. Took around 16 hrs to drain the battery.

I Vote this Phone BEST of this CATEGORY (Price).

  • Anonymous

when is the phone avail in the philippines...thanks

  • Axl

A guy from Holland, 18 Apr 2012On April 17 I received my OT-995. The phone looks very good and ... moreAndroid 2.2 only? Youtube test videos show the 995 to be either Android 2.3.5 or 2.3.6

  • A guy from Holland

On April 17 I received my OT-995. The phone looks very good and has a different look than Samsung or HTC. It modest and businesslike to me. Screen is big and responsive. Not as bright or detailed as a Samsung. It comes with Android 2.2 and works at it should. The extra rotating skin has no added value. Camera OK. Sounds better than my old HD2. Sounds really good.It has a small flashlight that indicates messages.
For the price this seems to be real competition!
Find one and test it yourself!

  • AnonD-50955

Indeed a review would come in handy... Dou I doubt it will ever happen.

  • Vikas

Gsmarena,eagerly awaiting for the detailed review of device.

  • Ayo

I wish there could be a detailed review of this phone...

  • Bigboss One Touch

AnonD-48945, 03 Apr 2012This phone can be updated to ICS in a near future? how much it w... moreYes, there's an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Anonymous

Geji, 31 Mar 2012Pl do let me know that when this new phone Alcatel OT Ultra 995 ... moreContact your near by One Mobile @ Big Bazaar for Alcatel handset..............

  • Jo

Very impressive phone.Why not Alcatel 995 ...!Seems promissing...

  • AnonD-48945

This phone can be updated to ICS in a near future? how much it will cost?