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  • sham

Hi all, this is my 1st ever mobile, i udsed in my life around 2003....Aftr so many days this blog made me recollect my sweet memories with this mobile in those days....

  • Ramilion

it was my first Mobile too, when you put beside the Mobile phones today, you see how fast the technology goes.


I started out in cellular with this model. WOW how times changed

  • Roby

The 1st phone that i used - comparing to any recent phones - even though it hardly had any functions - it was the best useable phone for basic purpose - alcatel - keep up the good job - but pls reduce the phone prices in india (mumbai) to stay in the market

  • melvin

i remember this..because this is my first mobile when i was 2nd year hi skul..hehe

  • fullstop001

This is my very first mobile and i've still got the sliding cover lol. I'm sure i bought it in the 90's. This reply might be a little late to those below who were asking about replacement batteries. I'm sure there is an alcatel company in Calais - France.

  • bot

i want this phone for christmas. i am pagan


I used this phone when I was in second year highschool. I was proud of this phone. But right now it's just layin around the house, probably in a box full of old charges, batteries, light bulbs. A hodge podge random electronic stuff.

  • spookky

Hasya, 11 Jun 2003I cant find the battery. How can i get it? I tried it 3 times to... moreHi Hanna, did you get a new powerpack? of so, can you give me the address?

  • Anonymous

the best mobile i have ever seen

  • Ross

my first ever mobile 1999 it was awesome i only had about 3 other friends with mobiles at the time and it had a real catchy ringtone

  • splash boy

this is amazing has ringtones and everything

  • Aab Agsteribbe

The first phone I had back in 1998. When in England the people still used old big phones. I can remember when I was at work, everybody looked at me when I was calling with this handy phone, and only because I that phone I was manager of CivilRight Software. This phone gives luck.

  • stefan pedro hirst

i would do this phone it is AWSOME!

  • Matthew Brookes

Yes I want one too, classic phone and good looks, just like me.

  • Mr Ryan Hoskins ESQ

This is the phone I long to own

  • elljay

this is my very first phone way back 2000. i didnt had any difficulty in using this phone, i love the color of its backlight which is orange... cool.. simple yet dependable...

  • Shelly

One of the best inventions of mankind. I got this phone 8 years ago and i have never looked back.This is the ONLY phone that takes AAA batteries- a godsend!

  • rico

wow , my 2nd phone .. the memories :) this phone was very cute at the time when bosch ruled in romania :) . the display got smashed .. and that was the end of it :)

  • Anonymous

had this fone when it 1st came out must have been about 8 years ago!

god! some of the low end fones these days are not as good as this!