alcatel OT-E105

alcatel OT-E105

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2008It's not down to the phone. It's probably your network. Call you... moreabsulutly fab has everything I need and want from my a phone for those who want more there are plenty more on the market this is brilliant for anyone who wants just a very clear easy to use mobile phone Thank you Alcatel

  • Anonymous

Great holiday phone with prepay, not a big loss if you break or lose it.

  • Anonymous

PHYDU, 03 Aug 2008what should i do if the phone tell only sos calls?It's not down to the phone. It's probably your network. Call your network provider.

  • Anonymous

Lovely phone, only problem is Monochrome graphics: a bit to old-fashioned. Other than that, for 15 quid it's fab!!! Another job well done Alcatel. Who wants a phone that makes tea anyway? What happened to the old days (by that I mean 2001+)?


what should i do if the phone tell only sos calls?

  • Alex

This fone is good for first time users. Its not tto complicated although it could do wit a little tweaks here and ther.

  • tuhdz

stop complaining. if you're looking for fancy features then by one that has it.

  • tag

it good but not enough good because it the one am using and as a guy it not okay,reasons no gprs,mms,internet and some other valueable things.bye and i will be waiting for your reply on my mail.

  • Indo

What a modern toy. This fone is really a disgrace to the production crew.I'll propose that the entire crew be fired.I would have prefered taking a cup of ice cream than buying this toy.

  • gka 3000

one of the best phones for your little child ...

  • lion8

this phone might not be cutting edge but its fine to start little 10 year old has 1 and its perfect for him.

  • r*

umm guys... i hate 2tel ya.. but.. its rubbish i have calls all the time about it, i work for tech supp company.. believe me..

  • Anonymous

It does very little, and is unsophisticated, however it's small, easy to use and cheap. If you don't want all the features under the sun, it's fine.

  • ster

the phone is not what i would say is good, more like really ugly i feel sorry for u guys.

  • Anonymous

This phone IS NOT LIKE A CALULATOR my cuz just got 1 on orange and 4 the price its mint see how cheap it DOESNT look.

  • alcatel terror

another high tech calculator!!! well i wanna thank you for producing more mobile toys like this...

  • lily

I love it.

  • norman bates

what a great calculator!

  • lambros

james bond mobile phone..

  • sin

I think that great.
It`s easy and not complicated phone.
What`s prise is?