alcatel OT-E157

alcatel OT-E157

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  • fits

how much this phone can save SMS?please answer....thanxs b4

  • briant

there is something that appears in my alcatel phone call talemelding ankommet.whats is the meaning of that and why does it appears on screen.

  • Pingu

This phone has some serious bugs:
1. Under circumstances, it shows the keypad locked symbol, but one CAN dial phone numbers, search the agenda and so on. The only disabled thingy is the lock/unlock the keypad function.
2. In darkness, lock the keyboard and press a key. Now try to read the time and mised calls status! They flash for about 1 second or so.
(3. the case is made of low quality materials)-not so shure about that

There is no doccumentation about it, no netmonitor, no way to change the AMR settings for example. Has a weak antena. This means no signal in weaker signal areas.
No spare parts available.
One thing speaks for the phone: it was cheap(about 10-20EUR (45EUR=card+phone+2EUR in month*18?months)).
After buying this phone, I don't think I'll buy another alc tel phone that soon.
Something similar(little price, b/w display), but with better performance at least in terms of battery could be a nokia 1110, 1110i, 1112

  • Anonymous

i need to know if it can receive voice messages,if i can check voice mail messages???
is the battery stand by really 250 h???

  • yoz

that`s a good phone!!! i bought! it is a phone! no camera,no`s a phone,not something else!!!

  • Anonymous

Ridiculous Phone, just ridiculous should not be sold ...both 157 & 159 have no features whatsoever, so why buy them, i think they were made by mistake

  • Richemont FLORIVAL

I like very much this model, but it does'nt give the possibility to write his name on the dekstop. Please, tell me how to do that.

I am waiting for your answer.


  • jay

well i dont agree...alcatel isnt tht bad
its pretty allrite

  • A Dutch user.

No problems with this mobile phone;if you don't need any up to date fascility's, this phone works excelent!

  • KAMY

hi guys, just to inform you all please dont buy alcatel.this is the worst ever mobile in the world. this might be little bit rude but you all have to accept the fect.thank you.

  • Marie-Lyne

hey Keshi
Are you woking at digicel?
I'm living in Haiti .Digicel is new to my country thanks for your opinion about the alcatel phones i was thinking about buying one of them for my mother lol.
What about the KONKA c926 quality ?.I d like to buy it for me Does it really can download sounds, pictures data and other stuff ,does it have GPRS? Tell me all what you know about it,cause in the advertisement it's look like a great deal for the price
What about the antenna i had a motorola V60 before and i hated it cause i always had to change my antenna
.If you really think the kona is not a good deal go on the web site( to recommend me one of the avalable phones in my country ok i'd like to have a nokia ,sony or motorola.

Thank you so much

  • Marie

these phones are new in my country and they are really cheap around 30$ i thik 40 euros is too much fort a phone of this quality .anyways i thinks all of the opinions are not enough positive so i'll buy a nokia or a sony ericson .And if one of you know more about a phone brand named KONKA let me know about the quality.

  • keshy

you alcatel people are so damn bias. you all dont like to hear the truth. i just posted my opinion which was indeed the truth but i guess because it dont please you u did not post it to the public. when i said that the stupid phone was simple cool u accepted that though. thats why i love sony ericsson cause they are so faithful fair and true to me. i can bet u will not post this one also but i dont care i am jus glad u herad my point.

  • keshyy

This phone is simply cool

  • Axi

to : on they say it has a STN B&W display which is definitely not a "64k colour screen". so gsmarena was right ;)

  • Alin

This phone is JUST a phone. I bought it as a secondary tel and it's ok.
The display IS MONOCROME graphics. It's a colored picture in the back. It's funny.
It's very cheap. The minus is the quality of the microphone. The one on the other side can't hear you very well, but it' a good phone tough.

  • elizabeth

Please send me manuelfor AlcatelOT-E157 in english, thank you in advance for your help

  • inherit

The phone is too slow. It don'd have a colour display, only a picture. When I swich off the phone and turn back on it take a very long time to read the memory and the SIN card, trying to access the phonebook I receive the message:" Phone busy!"
My advice: if you have any other alternative "Go for it!". The price is low, but the quality ...

  • poktori

good phone; bought it a few days ago and it does what I expect from a simple phone which includes the vibrating option (sound off). It is small, light and it looks good (I have a black one), and at 39,= I think it was a bargain, provided it does not break down soon. It does have a coloured screen, but it is not (!) one you can change, so it is more like a colour window against which black text is displayed. The recharger is small too, by the way.

  • anchorist

now i have problem about phonebook it show error "Phone busy" all time.