alcatel OT-E220

alcatel OT-E220

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  • amanda

olly, 02 Dec 2011I have what i believe to be the alcatel ot-e220 phone. It is col... moreokay so if you have moved away from the snooze dismiss screen and it is no longer visible look in the upper left corner of the screen. a small alarm clock should be there. touch it pull it down and it will give you the option of snooze or dismiss. Tap that bar and the snooze dismiss screen will come back.

  • jay dee first phone i eva used nd i want to say i really enjoyd it...

  • olly

I have what i believe to be the alcatel ot-e220 phone. It is coloured white though and also has an alarm. PLEASE could somebody help me as the alarm goes off every morning at 5 o clock and i cannot seem to turn it off. I have been through every topic in the menu and cannot see or find the alarm on an d off button. Naturally,i would imagine it to be under settings or tools but it isn't. As i said, i havebeen through everything on the phone and can only find alarm tones but i can't turn it off as you can only do one tone at a time. So, once again... PLEASE, how do i turn the alarm off and find where the settings are for it.



  • Amr Ibrahim

My frind got this phone
53 $ only

  • Do Hoang Ha

Im third, just buy one, cheap price, good looking, and... will report later

  • conorsulli

I'm second ! Nobody care bout dis phone. Hihihihi. Thick phone

  • LEO

I am the first one. hihihi
too thick a phone