alcatel OT-E257

alcatel OT-E257

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  • leann

my mum has one and it does her i used to have one but it was too simple i like phones with cameras and things but the phone is ok for older people. I gave my one to my mum. I just don't like it really it is way to simple for me to use. My mum thinks it's great though it reaches her standards.


the steps of this movil are very dificult its dont have a easy form to put the restauration

  • Anonymous

nice design

  • tibi nagy

It is a phone . Elegant design in and outside y wonder why the battery keps me just two days ??? ( in stand by mode !!! ) if this model was made in the 21-th century y expected a litle bit more !!

  • Paladin

it's a nice phone , but my baterry in standby keep 48 .... and vodafone reprezentant said it's ok.........

  • Anonymous

I think all alcatel phones are brilliant. Even though alcatel make the phones without any fancy stuff like WAP, GPRS, Camera.... Alcatel manage to make their phones very beautiful and have an ever lasting battery. I have an alcatel phone(not this one) and the battery lasts for ages! Well done alcatel for making nice, simple phones :)

  • Anonymous

got this phone for my daughter who is 9 and she loves it well worth the money

  • G.Popov

The phone has perfect design @ this price! I bought it for 60 euro! It's simple it's good looking, and easy to use! It's perfect for people that need just phone! It has no features, but at this price what more you can want from just a phone!

  • sipho

client was copying names from sim to phone & phone kept displaying PHONE BUSY....even now it does say that..whats the solution to the problem?

  • kylie

Another one of my phones :) HAD loads of people compliment me on this one!!!! Someone was looking at it and frowned wishin they could afford it - laughed casue only £30 :P but it easy and practical as my little priv thing just for textin and callin - wish it had LOUDSPEAKER!! and some more feat would make it perfect!! esp if it had cam n wap!!


its smart cool but really lack of features its like a toy!!! but looks gud in ur hand:)

  • Anonymous

the phone is great and really cool i only wish it had gprs

  • kaderov

it's a nice and easy to use , i love it.@ £30...

  • M4RT3Z

I have one and spend just £30 on it. Its ok but lacks what other phones can provide. All and all its ok but it looks good i think!

  • Marius

It is available for 69 euros.

  • Erin

It may be simple, but this phone is perfect for someone who is new to mobile phones, needs something thats easy to use, and just wants to be able to text and call - all this along with something that looks reasonably modern.

  • Dayal

This phone is ideal for those that just need
a phone!

  • Anonymous

I can't believe there's still such featureless phone available.. I won't even pay $30 for this phone.

  • Supermint

This seems to be quite a basic phone. I wonder how much it would be. Shame there is no camera or bluetooth.