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alcatel OT Easy db

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  • PolishGuy
  • gJN
  • 20 Jun 2023

Perfect emergency phone for extreme cases. Ability to power up it instantly using only AAA batteries is hillariously OP. It's a brick, it's clunky as hell, it has almost no features, but still, it's a perfect device for 2023 if you want to just call or write SMS in the middle of nowhere or in situation of severe power shortage.

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    • Ömer
    • J8B
    • 14 Nov 2019

    jimbo, 18 Jun 2019my first phone Me to..

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      • jimbo
      • FvA
      • 18 Jun 2019

      my first phone

        Easy? I find newer feature phones from circa 2003-2010 easier to use.

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          • AnonD-522080
          • 04Q
          • 07 Nov 2016

          My first cell phone in 2000. (Y)

            I had this phone for 5 years, it was very rugged.
            Very strong network.
            When it broke I bought another one from someone who recived it as a gift and wanted to cell it and get Nokia. So I had a good deal in the second one. :D

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              • prabha prabhakaran
              • w43
              • 22 Sep 2015

              wowwwwwwww very amazing nice colour n model i want to buy this phone in this week

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                • ROW
                • nDK
                • 08 Feb 2012

                my first mobile. i still have it as a memo

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                  • tabloits
                  • m7d
                  • 02 Feb 2012


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                    • tabloits
                    • m7d
                    • 02 Feb 2012


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                      • Shafi
                      • PSL
                      • 12 Sep 2011

                      My first GSM, I really love it.. The speciality of this phone is good network signal pickup and good battery life + handy..

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                        • umar
                        • Iab
                        • 16 Aug 2011

                        i want to buy it,can any one sell it if good condition

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                          • one
                          • nxR
                          • 08 Jul 2011

                          my first GSM too,...nice one

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                            • Jordan
                            • fw6
                            • 18 Jan 2011

                            Anonymous, 30 Jan 2010To everyone who says this is the best phone they've ever ha... moreSure! The features (back then) amazed us. Since then our contract expired and we were forced to upgrade and get new phones which had predictive text and internet. But i mean... i the period of 2 years of having my very current phone i had to send it in a very awesome amount of 7 times for various problems, ranging from speaker failure to the screen playing mind tricks. Alcatel has outlasted it guarantee and astounded even the company with its willpower and strength!

                              • J
                              • Jordan
                              • fw6
                              • 18 Jan 2011

                              Back in College i had one of these. A true die-hard phone. It would get knocked out of my hands, skip across the floor and come to a standstill against walls, chairs etc. This phone of mine went through a lot of "damage-testing", sometimes on purpose (for the P-off days)... Nevertheless, 2 years later i sold it at the same price i bought it for, with nothing but a scratch across the top round edge. It was still working as the day i bought it. One thing i am wondering about though is if it was "water resistent"?
                              Alcatel One Touch Easy - If i can get hold of you again I'll trade in my Android phone!

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                                • toofast911
                                • ftv
                                • 29 Dec 2010

                                my first mobile in my life
                                i miss these days

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                                  • didos
                                  • NhL
                                  • 25 Nov 2010

                                  my first mobile

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                                    • Ahmed
                                    • PFI
                                    • 28 Oct 2010

                                    My first fone aswell.....AAAhhhhh i miss u alot

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 9LA
                                      • 07 Oct 2010

                                      my first phone as well, thing would'nt die

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                                        • KRYS
                                        • iBt
                                        • 01 Oct 2010

                                        my first phone, i miss youuuuuuuuuuu