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alcatel OT-S853

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  • kbs

i had this but because of the problem in belgium with the BASE sim card i choose to change it to another one sagem my 501x unfortunelly the alcatel was much beter and i regret but i had to keep this sagem and there there is no soft with it but i still had the alcatel soft on my pc but i lost it
could anyone send me the soft by mail i couldn't find it on web please help me the video alcatel soft is the only one which works for my phone

  • Gigel

Overall this is a good phone.
Pitty it's no longer manufactured.

  • Knight Rider

Try sending a mail to your countries local Alcatel importer... if that won't work try and contact me I will see if I can help.

  • MPU

Actually TCL never answered me regarding the Alcatel issues. Their customer service must still be in a starting era.

  • Knight Rider

Depends to what mail you have sent your mails...

  • Anonymous

hi all
is it me or it is alcatel that are careless , i sent them 3 mails but never got a reply!!!

  • Anonymous

I thimk its a really good phone,I just have one problem is with the bluetooth doesn't connect with other phones an i can't send files. i was told that the bluetooth can be unlocked. I was also told that there was an update in the firmware. could someone tell me how to get there firmware please.

  • Anonymous

The latest firmware is 18b
posted friday 8 september by solid vision, the repair center in holland.

  • ghel

can we download themes/wallpaper to s853? like other mobile phones. what site if any?? thanks

  • Anonymous

hi, got the phone recently...
1 - think there is someone from Belgium asking about it in the forum. Mobistar company sells ot-s853 pack, but this specific gsm is not compatible with one of the gsm networks here in belgium - BASE, some issues with software used in their sim cards. just a warning, but they will tell it in advance in every shop. besides that, the gsm is not locked and can be used with most of the sims around the world.
2 - besides that, a question:
am a total dodo about this stuff, but seen a lot of talks about firmware upgrades and similar... if someone can please explain to me what is it all about, how to check the version, how to update... am in belgium if it means anything about the question.
i really love the phone but it somehow seams slow sometimes, so wondering if that might be due to the firmware or whatever.
thnx in advance!

  • Alex

To Jay, what is the latest firmware version in the Philippines now and how does it work? Is it already bugless; no more hang up? no more other problem as complained by previous users here? Thanks.

  • jay

wow! i have used the phone as a gprs modem and i freaking works! it beats the wifi from coffee shops such as starbucks! and whats great about it is my network only charges 10pesos per 10mins.

now i can surf,check my mail,chat etc anywhere using my laptop connected to my phone. as long as there is a signal from the network. imagine working and checking your mail from you boss while sitting on a! fantastic phone!

for philippine users, have your firmware upgraded at :

unit 1002 pearl of the orient tower
1240 roxas blvd.
tel number: 4000336 4000341

  • MPU

To J:

About the mute.
Can you imagine yourself telling an important business contact: wait a minute, I will put you on hold as I have to order some coffee. It's a matter of habbits of course, but I never missed this function and I never had a thought in my mind to miss smth like that.
In fact, the main problems about this phone go back to its cut-off Bluetooth connectivity and some bugs in previous models. Certainly not about the lack of charging via USB interface or missed mute function.
Sorry lad, that's just an opinion, nothing personal.

  • kampret

i'm from indonesia
gue ude dapet OT-S853, biasa... barang BM.
its very good, but still 164 version. for minimize the bugs, i am always push imei code *#06* anytime. Now, this phone not slow and no bugs again.

  • Knight Rider

Protel has great service, no matter what breaks on the phone they will fix it during their 2 year service deal, unless ofcourse the damage is due to sloppy handling by its user. I have not idea how Dectel is when it comes to service... I would enquire with both shops and ask them how they would deal with you when you would be forced to send the phone back. Heaven forbid but just in case... also one tip... when buying the phone... you could be asking them to make sure that the latest firmware is preloaded on it... so you won't need to send it back.

To the Alcatel user in the philipines, go back to the shop and ask them to replace your firmware, they will take your phone back and send it of to be updated.

  • ghel

i'm fromthe phils, could anyone tell me where can i get my firmware updated? kindly give me address or tell nos.............tks

  • Dusan

Knigh thanx, but one more question. The one from dectel (belgium) has the same firmware as that from protel? (want no operator lock...etc)Gimme please advice which one is better to buy.

  • Marjan

this phone is the BEST only the bluetooth is a mistake but i hope that it will be fixed,i`m from Macedonia too i have this phone four months and im still waiting for the firmware,Mobimak that will soon become T-Mobile i even slower than my phone with 169 firmware,even if they get the new one i dont know what it will be , SO WHAT IS THE NEWEST FIRMWARE, thanx in advance , with 256 mb MiniSD my phone is HELL of a slow,if i press my pictures or videos or anything that is on MemoryCard i must wait at least 25 seconds,yeah GO GO Mobimak aka T-Mobile

  • Knight Rider

Yes the phone is always delivered with remote control, Pc software and usb cable as that is the whole package... the battery is ok, if the phone is used occasionally (every now and then) it can hold up for 7 days. But if you use it every day, so call every day listen to music every day, send some messages every day it will hold up for 3-4 days. Also... one other thing??? The phone does have a mute? You can put your call on hold? At least I can...

  • Steve-0

Woops, another mistake from my side. There isn't any sim-card included with the package 'cause it is forbidden by the Belgian law (in dutch: de wet op de koppelverkoop) so there won't be any simlock on it either. Can somebody please answer to my question in my previous post?