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alcatel OT-S853

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  • Steve-0

Oh, I forgot to say that the price of this package is 149 with mobistar.

  • Steve-0

I live here in belgium and I also want to buy this phone. According to the review here it is pretty good value for money. I have had already 2 mobiles from Siemens, and they both broke after 1.5 years (warranty period is 1 year) so I want a different brand now. To answer the questions about this promotion from Mobistar (A flemish operator). The phone comes in a pack with a SIM-card and 20 credit, the phone itself, an SD-card of 128MiB, the charger and the remote control. I think this is a good offer for the money, and you can get an additional 20 discount if you trade in your old mobile (without defects and with the charger and battery). The only problem is that I think it is simlocked to the mobistar network, but I don't know that for sure. Can anybody tell me what the quality of the battery is like? 'Cause those 2 Siemens phones both had battery problems (defective, almost no capacity, ...)


  • Gigel

Dragan, "dobro dosli u club"! Or "welcome to the club" like Ali Pinoy said. Let's hope that your phone (if you decide to buy it) will not have so manny problems like the others. And this is possible if you're shoping it so late. Maybe in Macedonia the 853's will have the newest software release. You just have to verify the firmware before buying it. Be sure it's grater than 190.
Good luck!

I'll be waiting for this brand to be sold to the aliens. In this way, perhaps, the quality of the mobile phones will come to normal - like it was before.

  • Dusan

Thanx for information Knight :)
And the only difference is only that SD card and warranty? Because friend of mine is going to belgium in september, so he can buy it form me. (headphones, rremote.. is there?)
OT: your nick reminds me great car and TV series:)

  • J

Great idea.. seriously.. Alcatel was going in the right direction here.. but among many in the list, I would like to point out two very big issues with this phone that caused me to toss it in my drawer of old "crap" phones.
1: They ALMOST got the USB interface right. Sadly, the phone lacks the ability to use a standard USB cable to charge from your PC.. only the Alcatel USB charger can be used to charge the phone. Why? It's missing a single transistor required to accept the 5v from standard USB.
2: NO MUTE!!! How can any company expect to charge customers 250 for a phone and not give you 'mute' ... ? Its insane!! Try this, get on a call and then walk into a coffee shop.. now, don't interrupt the call you're on and order a no-fat, vanilla late with a just a touch of cinnamon.. when you get back to the phone - they'll be calling you all sorts of girly names because you couldn't mute the call and they heard your order.. 'not that this happened to me.. - but it did"...

MY VOTE = Great idea.. terrible execution.. so very French..

  • Ali

Dear All:

Hope that u are all satisfied with ur 0t85.
I need your opinion in something. i already had ot853 but i lost it. i was so happy with that phone. i am thinking about buying a phone which is similar to it Sagem MY700x.
tell me what do u think if u have any experiance with Sagem and specially about this phone.


  • Knight Rider

There are several online shops offering delivery through out the whole world.

Here is a link to Dectel, a belgian site, they offer a good price on the phone... try asking them:

Here is another site, and I got my phone from them. They offer delivery to almost every place you can imagine, and they offer a very complete package for your phone... they give you a 256 mb SD card and offer you 2 year full service warranty for free! Though the price is a bit higher but the service is worth it! Their site is they are Alcatels official service center and importer for Germany so if anything goes wrong with the phone they can fix it too.

  • Ali Pinoy

Welcome to the club, Draga. I believe that Gigel is not happy with this development although you're not a Samsung user before.

  • MPU

To Dragan:

Greetings from an old Alcatel fan to a new one.
Hope you will enjoy your phone.

  • Dragan

Thanks Knght Rider,for the verry complete and precise information,i was Nokia and Motorola fan untill now, but with this i guess i'm becoming Alcatel fan nad thanks again!

  • Knight Rider

One more thing I forgot to answer, Dragan. The phones camera does have 8X digital zoom... But that can not be used in 1.3 megapixel mode. But when you take pictures in VGA mode (640*480 pixels) you can use the zoom. However when you make videos the zoom is available at any resolution. Oww and just a small reminder... do not expect this phone to be like a profesional camera... because obviously it is not. The pictures look perfectly ok for a 1.3 Mpix camera, just what you would expect from 1.3 Mpix, but nothing more than that.

  • Knight Rider

First of all, you can see what firmware you have by opening the rear cover of the phone and removing the battery. There is a laber on the back side of the phone that has its details on it, like platform designation and imei number. But there is also a numerical code that consists of 3 numbers starting with a 1. So that could be 169, 172, 177, 179, 183, 188, 190 and so on... that is your firmware version number.

Dragan: The phone still did not get a bluetooth unlocking, so the bluetooth is still locked and can only be used with handsfree sets, but the infrared is fully useable for communicating with other phones! 150 Euro's is a fabulous deal, if the phone has the latest firmware I would buy it without thinking! The phones perception is very good to be honest! Even in area's where it shows the connection is not very good you can still make a good phone call and not have big problems! So in short... very good.

  • dragan

I am about to bye this phone,great design,great features,good efort from Alcatel,yet i have some questions:1.this phone have 8xzoom,but does it work with photocamera only,or with video part also?
2.Is there a new firmware,wich will free the bluetooth for comunication with other phones bluetooth,or it stays locked on the phone?
3.Does it have good reception in poor areas?
In my country it cost 150 euros,is it worth bying?I am from Macedonia.

  • ghel

hello knight rider,

i would like to know how will i know what version of firmware i am using without going to the service center............

  • coyski

SE & Nokia,almost everyone has it!now that i found a fone that i like,and stand out,can anyone tell me y should i get this phone?

  • Anonymous

PsYmon: You can go to the shop where you have bought it and ask for them to send it back for an update! This is vital!!! Specifically ask for an update not just a new phone (as that will still have the flawed software) so ask for a firmware upgrade!!

When its updated the phone is just great!!! No issues at all.

Jessica: Glad it worked, have fun with it ;-)

  • Jessica

Thanks Knight Rider!
Yey, it's working again :)

  • OT boy

You would have to go to your designated service center and let them install the update. Here in the Philippines we get our updates by going personally to Versatile Telecoms. But the firmware updates are worth it. :)

  • PsYmon

Hi guys,
I bought this phone just 2 days ago and I ended up here because I have some trouble with it. The phone at times doesn't respond to the keypad, resets itself etc. I haven't had the time to read all these opinions (69 pages?), but people mentioning firmware update 188 caught my eye. Does anyone know how to obtain this update, or do we have to send it to a service center to get it updated for us?

Thanks in advance

  • Gigel

I've seen on TV that this phone will discontinue to be manufactured from next month.
Could anyone confirm it?
I ask this because in some countries it didn't reached the shops yet!!!