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  • Knight Rider

Surething Jessica: its called TwinSpin. So no space in between the Twin and Spin. If that still won't work please feel free to email me at: and I am sure I can help you to make it work ;)!

  • Jessica

Hello KnightRider,
I'm a newbie here, but you seem like a very helpful person around here. Can you tell me the original filename of the java game included with this phone at purchase?
I accidentally renamed it and now it does not work, I think it's something like twin spin right? I hope it still works after I rename it back to the original file name.

Thanks in advance! :)

  • moni

to Ariel:

You don't have to worry about typing this code (###337*201#) on your s853, because nothing happens when i tried so.

to everyone:

Can anyone tell me where can i get newer version of software about my s853 please write me at my e-mail thx.

  • Ariel

To all who owns this phone, Please tell me if this is same as ot 535. To be specific, when I type ###337*201# in my OT 535 the phone turns off for few seconds without losing/deleting all data because it is just anticipating network developments for free; it is resetting the phone and maximizing its capabilities. Please tell me if typing ###337*201# in S853 resolves some bugs or do the same thing as ot 535 does. Thanks.

  • Knight Rider

MPU: No problems at all with the contacts in the west European version. Nothing at all to be honest!

  • Viking

Knight raider thanks for your replies.
I've added you on MSN with the email you provided in ur reply..why don't you show up?

you havent told me,is there any comptable software to upload java and downlaod SMS to PC ?

  • MPU

To Jim:

Yes, several people report about this contact deletion problem in Russian Alcatel fan site. I once started a topic there called "Alcatel 853 - a wonderful phone" or so. Now it looks pretty funny.
Nevertheless, my version 183 is OK and no contacts were erased so far. I just may say that now I only experience some rare reloads when the phone switches off and returns back on. And that's it. So I think that there is something wrong with the Russian 188 version.

Q: has anyone that bought this phone from all around the world except Russian ever had ap roblem of missing concact book?

  • love

this is the best alcatel in my opinion but its not saying much so no alcatel for me

  • Knight Rider

Java version is the same 010 01

Viking: Right now with the latest version of the firmware there are no real disadvantages to be honest, no resets, no hanging, nothing!!! All is great and it works splendidly.

  • wilson

when i play the game via s853 the games that i download is not full screen of the fon,so u guy download wat model games for the full screen games?i download 1 is motorola E398(176*220) games...thanks to help me solve the probelm!

  • wilson

yesterday i went to csl center there told me the firmware is press *#06#,n java 010 01 is the latest...and java 010 01 is last month i go to servise center upgrade one!went i buy the sticker is 164 version!maybe the java 010 01 is 177 version!iam not sure!

Than i confusing is that u guy say 188 version,than u guys press *#06# the java is what version?can let me know?

  • Azm

To brodx- i just manage to send my phone to csl sg wang yesterday. They promised to fix my fone in a week. They also replace my charger with new one. I will tell you the result when i have my phone back. I don't recommend video converter from pc suite the amr sound very poor. Get video converter like xilisoft or mpegable broadcaster with aac sound instead.

  • Anonymous

i lost the cd i receved with this phone could you tell me where i can find it (not in the alcatel site)

i would like to have the soft for the video

  • Jim

Sorry for my english ...

But on russian sites i read
that Alcatel OT-S853 ( including firmware 188 ) periodically delete its phonebook
when you add new contact to phonebook ...
And nobody do not now what is the matter !!!

Can you tell me anything about this problem ?

  • Ashish

OT Boy: to be safe i have loaded the JAD files along with the JAR files onto the card. initial plug in is slow but then it picks up after a while. some games show as loading java but then they come back to the games list so i guess those are games that dont work on the 853.

i have been taking games from the Alcatel 756 section.

  • OT boy

Firmware version 188 is great! No bugs so far, and additional characters in text mode (Catalan language). I'm just courious what other updates have been made with version 188 (if any), besides improving performance and fixing bugs?

  • Viking

What's the best PC software t odeal with this phone? to store sms and sync and manage contacts?

it's not listed in the mobtime support list!

  • brodx

gromit, u can synch the phone with outlook using mob time ;­=English&page=calTree

azm, where did u send yr phone for service in kl? send mine to tcl low yat that day. most problems solved but the phone still doing self resets esp when typing long sms.

  • kbs

i bought it and really like but it did'nt work with with my sim card and i had to give it back and the only one i could buy for the same price was the sagem my 501x

and....i so much miss the alcatel

  • vnx

are there virus protection software for this fone?tnx!