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  • Viking

Thanks knight.
I 'veexpectd that.I think i'll buy it.
but are the killing disadvantges of this phone in your opinion?

  • Knight Rider

Viking: The display looks much better in real life its not as pixelized as in the pictures, it looks that way in pictures because of the highresolution camera's that are used to make the photo's. But in real life the display looks much better really.

The menu's can be locked yes... Though I do not use that option so I can not tell you what exactly is being locked, but I did see the option for it I believe yes.

Network reception is pretty good. The sound you get durring phone calls and the clarity is excellent (at least on my network it is) it never failed to connect to a network without apparant reason. So its good in my opinion.

If you have any more questions feel free to mail me.

  • Viking

hello people;

I want to buy this fone, i liked it from the first look.
Just want ot check some features wit honest people who used it.i'd like to enquire about some points:

1-What about the graphics dispaly on the screen? is it good?i saw some images here in GSM arena that are nto good enough,is it like that in real? and also the visual effects and menu displaying is it smooth and comforty?

2-is there any function fo passwords for locking the fone from people to navigate the menu or to hide images or lock sms folder?

3-is the network coverage as it's for alcatel? superb??!

thats all for now,i wish i can add anyone who own this phone to my messnger,my email is avilable at the email link,fee lfree to add me .

  • OT boy

to Ashish:
I have about 40+ games in my memory card and it does take a while before it loads properly at initial plug-in. Is it the same case for you? I only have games that can run without the JAD file. Does it load faster with the JAD file?

Besides I only tried out and . Try searching for ALL JAVA SOFTWARE at getjar and you'll find a lot more files ( My personal favourites are ZELDA and ACES Texas hold'em. I discovered that most games that are compatible with Sony Ericcson phones (176x220 resolution) also work fine with OT-S853. When I have the time I'll post a list later of compatible games and you can search them directly from getjar

  • suzi

hiii, plz could anyone tell me how to reformat the memory card because I formatted it and everything were ereased, now it doesn't accept any songs to the memory card

  • Ashish

Thanks Knight Rider. to be safe i have started copying the JAR and JAD files into the memory card and now the games are working fine.

I have been using the Alcatel 756 games from the site. is there any other site for 853 that one can go to for downloading free games?

  • Knight Rider

Ashish: Some games do need their JAD file in order to work properly... however some games won't work on the phone even with JAD file because it was not designed for the JAVA platform this phone uses.

  • ashish

thanks ot boy. are there any other sites from where free java games can be downloaded for the 853?

  • OT Boy

You don't need the .JAD file. If the file doesn't run it just means that it is not compatible with the phone, which should happen half of the time when downloading from,, or (Just a few sites for those who want to download free games and applications). But be careful, you should check your files for viruses first. There are some files that I downloaded that were infected, for example with the Redbrowser virus.

  • Ashish

I downloaded jar files from getjar for the phone (games) but when i launch from card then the Jblend screen comes on for a short while and then i go back to the previous screen showing the list of files in the card.

do i need to download the JAD files also?

can any one help me with this.

also, MP3 can be played directly or does it need to be converted using the PC Suite?

  • Azm

To Gigel ;I am still an Alcatel fan even though my s853 was sent for repair as I am using my 2 yrs old,flawless 735 and it is still good to be use for at least another year if my s853 didn't make it. If my s853 is fully recovered after service I will probably use it for at least another 2 years if not I will consider to buy maybe SE K800 or Nokia 6233 next year.Definitely not buying the OT710. Hopefully Alcatel will come out with something better than that.

It doesn't matter what kind of screen protector that u use- just buy any brand that slightly larger than s853 screen and ask the seller to custom fit/cut it for your s853 because finding one that purposely designed for s853 is almost impossible. For me I buy the screen protector and fit it myself:))

  • Knight Rider

No in my version of the phone, the opening of an image in the memory card does not make it hang! It never did actually... also my phone says the battery is low when it is well on its last legs (battery wise I mean) so when there are no indicators to be seen anymore. I really have to say this phone has proven to be excellent now with this new version I never had an issue to be honest... not one, just the way it should be. So really people if you have an issue go back to your shop and update it for free and then the phone is damn near perfect to be honest!

  • wilson

when buy the screen protector i need to buy what model one?V3i???

  • wilson

hi guy!iam usingV177,wan ask u guy when u open the image from media ablum to memory card than the fon will hang or restart or not?and the other probelm i face is when the fon low battery the fon scren will appear low battery rigth,but the battery icon mine want is show 1/3 left battery!u guy got this probelm?

  • OT boy

YES! new firmware in the Philippines... how is it? I have version 177 and it's ok though, but I will surely get 188 installed when I have the time. Is there a big improvement from version 177 to 188?

  • bozo

help me find downloadable filmware.tnx!me bozo!

  • Gigel

Welcome into the club AZM! :))
(of former Alcatel phone users)

  • astrix

latest version of software here in phillippines is 188, to all pinoy wish software upgrade your phone just go to versatile telecoms (Authorized service center, about usb connection its good just install usb patch from T&A website(TCK & Alcatel website).

  • Gromit

Hi guys, I have three questions:

1. Firmware: I have the firmware 169. Are newer firmwares faster?

2. Mobtime Cell Phone Manager: Could you also synchronize your outlook calendar with the mobile phone? Or just the contacts?

3. SyncML: Does the phone really support SyncML? How do I use it. I can't find the settings for connecting to e.g.

Thanks for your answers.

  • Azm

Hi all! Currently my phone went for service after few button on left side + left soft key failed to function - that still OK if just use the call fxn + music fxn. But I can not do typing properly and cannot lock/ unlock the phone due to non fxn * key.

Ironically this problem leads me to find that this phone actually can be used as a standalone music player/ fm radio after the sim card has been removed. So actually it has a flight mode( which I believe this phone doesn't has all along) although they can only be activated after removal of sim card unlike other brand like moto/SE which you can activate the flight mode even when the sim card is still in the phone .
Very funny after using it for more than 5 months & I found this fxn and I can't use the fxn in near time due to phone was sent for repair!!! And I feel like I bought a very good mp3 /mp4 player that cost me USD294 back in February 2006- that is still one big hole in a pocket for poorly functioning phone but with a decent music player.

The lessons for me( maybe for others too)
- never ever buy new model when they are just launched- most likely the have few ( or
many many bugs like this phone) even though
you have been waiting for the phone to come out for a year. And most of the time when you wait for few more months they will come out with new firmware and lower price too.

Now sadly I have to turn to my back up phone- my trusty 2 yrs old OT735. Suddenly
my life feels better without all the annoying bugs. No more delay/ reboot/ hung up /lost call etc-just miss the music player though. Hopefully they can fix all the problem that I have in my 853- or else that will be the last Alcatel I ever bought.
Better luck next time for me:))