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  • MPU

By the way, has anyone heard of the 860 or other Acatel branded phone being put into the market? I am OK with my 853, but I simply miss that fuzz about it when I was expecting the 853 to come into the market.

  • Ashish

Vanext: if you go through the 60+ pages of opinions on this phone then you will find some kind people having put the link for the english manual for the OT-S853. the link is replicated here for ur reference:­Manualy/AlcatelOTS853.pdf


  • vanext

may i ask wer u got the english ver. of the manual for the S853?tnx!

  • astrix

you can install advance opera mini using java enable Pc suite

  • gK

Thanks for the tip.
I now also can enjoy Opera Mini on my S853. Just the weird thing is, it will refuse to be copy over to phone memory and I can only run it from my miniSD.
No biggie, I am happy just as it is.

Thanks again.

  • Ashish

Knight Rider: Thanks a lot but while browsing through all the posts on this website during the day today I have been able to trace a link to the english manual. This thread is really a good information base for this phone.

Thanks a lot again.

  • Knight Rider

Ashish: I could provide you with an English version of the manual. Although it is based on an older version of the phone all major functions are the same, the difference is in some of the detailing. Send me a mail and I will what I can do for you.

  • Azm

As I mention before- I downloaded the jar file for opera mini from pc then transfer to my miniSd card & then to my phone memory. I also face the same problem while trying to download the jar file through build in browser. Just try
what ever way that you can to download opera mini since the built in browser is very bad.

  • Ashish

To anyone and everyone: i need help. the 853 phone i bought has a French language user manual. can anyone tell me where i can get an english user manual please.

  • gK

How did you manage to install Opera Mini Advance(high memory ver.) on your phone?

Mine will tell me I do not have enuff memory to complete the download. Now this problem is happening to me when I try to download Opera Mini Basic(low memory ver.) too.

Even my build-in browser is having trouble. Most image loaded on the browser will be in black/white, instead of colour.

Is there some way to free up phone memory?

Thanks in advance.

  • Astrix

to drareg,

install patch first it will auto detect the usb driver and modem.

  • Azm

I am currently using the advanced version of opera mini.Not so much different from the basic one.The old one should be just fine to most user. Other way to avoid problem with direct download from phone own browser is to download the jar file from pc to memory and then to phone memory.

So far I have tried to play continuous mp4 video music for about 1+1/2 to 2 hours from full charge to fully drained out battery using stereo speaker. Using earphone will help to prolong battery life slightly longer only because you still activate the screen all the time while playing video. Playing mp3 with stereo speaker will give longer battery life due to inactive screen.

  • ICX

Some people apparantly managed to install Opera Mini on this phone. I read on the Opera site that the Basic Version (MIDP 1.0) of Opera Mini will work on this phone, while there are a couple of older Alcatel phones that support the Advanced Version (MIDP 2.0).

Which version did you guys install? Does the Advanced Version work?

Thanks a lot in advance!

  • drareg

Thanks gK

I'll give it a try. By the way does anyone here know the length of time a fully charged battery will last when playing an mp3 using the built-in speakers?

  • wireless


has anyone a working IM (ICQ) software (j2me) insatlled? I tried jimm. But i didn`t work.

  • gK

to drareg,

I uses "Nokia Multimedia Converter" to covert videos into .3gp format to be play on my S853. So far the quality is great.

Try search the interent for find the latest version for download.

  • drareg

hi again...

anybody downloaded a video from their pc here? What's d software for the OT-S video? can we download it from the net?


  • drareg

Anybody here who've downloaded an mpeg video into the phone? Did it play and show in the phone's screen? How did you download it?

  • gK

I have been using my S853 for a month, and have upgraded to the v177 firmware.

1.I getting this weird error whenever I try to install Opera Mini low memory version on my phone, "Not enough memory to complete download".
The browser only need 65K memory space but I have over 2MB of memory space in my phone memory.
Opera Mini can be download from here.

2. When using my phone as a usb modem to connect to the internet for my PC, I would often be disconneted after 10~15minutes. The error message to the effect of "USB device is not working" will be shown, the phone will still show the USB icon but also the Memory Card icon(When connect to PC, the MC icon should not appear).
I will need to restart my phone to have Windows detact the phone again.

Anyone want to try this out and confirm this problem?
Thanks in advance.

  • Knight Rider

Zara: that image is absolutely not how it looks in real life. In real life the display looks much better!