alcatel Pixi 4 (6)

alcatel Pixi 4 (6)

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  • Anonymous
  • XSR
  • 02 Apr 2023

It's been 7 years I'm using alcatel pixi 4 (6) ...and rn I'm writing this comment on my Alcatel phone

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    • DavidC-Surrey
    • L9t
    • 22 Jul 2020

    Filesponge, 09 Oct 2018Well, I must be the luckiest Pixi 4 owner in the world lol.... moreAre you sure you are reviewing the right phone? This is the Alcatel PIXI 4 right? Not the Google PIXEL 4 :-) I'm also an IT consultant and I bought this a couple of years back when they killed Windows Phone and I wanted to check out an Android phone before spending hundreds on a "proper" one. This phone has a big screen which is great and it works fine but it is SLOW. You cann[t possibly have one that is fast, hence my querying that you are reviewing the Alcatel phone! I did like the way it works though, enough to spend several hundred Pounds on a Samsung flagship phone. Now that IS fast! This PIXI4 is fine for a "burner" phone. Better than fine in fact, but nothing compared to a more expensive phone which is kind of what you expect.

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      • Rockstoned
      • NXn
      • 23 Jun 2020

      This phone is actually a good phone. It plays any game i install, it runs smoothly. The downside is just the battery and the camera. Asides that, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SCREEN SIZE, cos i love big phones since i am a cinephile. Great job Alcatel!! Thanks Gsm arena for reviewing it. I hope they release a more powerful version with 5,000 mAH battery and better processors in the near future.

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        • Carlene
        • NHi
        • 10 Jun 2020

        I have one of these and cannot get in the sim card

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          • Red Senpai &#982
          • mqS
          • 03 May 2020

          I've had this phone for about 3 or 4 years (this is my first phone) and there are major performance issues. All it does if freeze at random times, it's very unresponsive and it's too heccin big for my hand >:( . It has also called the police by itself a few times. I don't recommend getting this phone. I'm getting an honor/huawei phone instead of an alcatel.

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            • roan
            • t7B
            • 17 Apr 2020

            what is the memory capacity of sd

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              • Filesponge
              • n5U
              • 09 Oct 2018

              Anonymous, 10 Sep 2018How do I take screen shot with the phone?Drag down from the top of the screen.
              This shows you a fast access bar with the time, battery, signal meter on it.
              Now drag down from the top again, I drag all the way down the screen, and you'll see the option at the bottom of the list is the screens hot button.

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                • Filesponge
                • n5U
                • 09 Oct 2018

                Well, I must be the luckiest Pixi 4 owner in the world lol. Mine is being one of the best phones I've had, and I run my own business supplying I. T. stuff so I can choose any I'd like, and I get to play/test dozens each month.

                Mine is the 16Gb version, standard android v6. The it's very fast, and no lag at anything, but no crashes, perfect control, fast Internet, plays any game I've tried, and downloads 2 films happily while playing a 3rd on YouTube without a stutter.
                The camera, considering its supposed to be rubbish, is fast, clear, responsive and has loads of good options for great photos even indoors in bad light.

                So far? I've not found one thing I hate or that doesn't work, I can't understand why others have had so many problems. Well, I give it 8 out of 10 so far. Been using it daily for 5 weeks. I'm just lucky? LoL

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                  • Anonymous
                  • nUH
                  • 09 Oct 2018

                  Mj, 03 Oct 2018This phone is the worst it always lag as a crap,apps always... moreGo back to the factory installed version of Google Play. That will cure your problem

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                    • Mj
                    • uS{
                    • 03 Oct 2018

                    This phone is the worst it always lag as a crap,apps always closing automatically, it has a good camera though and now my main problem is googe play store it is not opening only white screen ughhh want to throw this thing

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                      • Anonymous
                      • CGH
                      • 10 Sep 2018

                      How do I take screen shot with the phone?

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                        • rick
                        • a9g
                        • 18 Aug 2018

                        PolCat, 29 Jun 2018My problem with Cricket and the Idol 4 Don't get a Cricket... moredo you think someone is going to read all that? lol

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                          • Anonymous
                          • NY1
                          • 14 Aug 2018

                          how do i unlock it incase i have forgotten my password without erasing my data in it

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                            • Anonymous
                            • jQ%
                            • 23 Jul 2018

                            I really prefer the Ideal to this, Even though the software is outdated!

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                              • Anonymous
                              • nI8
                              • 05 Jul 2018

                              HOw do you set up the phone if it has been set up by someone else before you? This is really bugging my brain as I can’t get to make any calls but I can receive them. Alcatel pixi 4 (6)

                                My problem with Cricket and the Idol 4
                                Don't get a Cricket phone before reading my story first. In their first reply on Crickets Facebook page. I thought that I had a chance to get a different phone. My bad for thinking that. Even Crickets Facebook page gave me the run around.
                                ‎Crickets customer service is one the worst departments I have had to deal with. I've had better service with ATT&T and not as many problems with Straight talk or Metro PCS. I've had both Crickets warranty and Alcatel customer service tell that to get a different Phone meaning not an Idol4 cause of all the same problems with 2 Idol 4 that I had to go through customer service. Either there training is so bad or the company tells them, employees, to give their customers the run around till they give up. Why would I want a third Idol 4 phone if I've had the same problems the biggest is it getting too hot to touch? It's a safety problem. I've had the bad luck of dealing with Daniel ID# 2464832 and Sarah Id# SS814U But I've had 4 Different calls into Cricket that I've spoken to 6 different customer care, 5 managers, and 1 Supervisor.
                                Cricket Wireless Hello, we are sorry you are going through this. If you have had issues with the same device 2 times then the 3rd one we recommend asking for another device.
                                Ron Griggi I've had the same problem with 2 Alcatel Idol 4 phones., the first one I had a week. The second one I had for a month And the same problems happened. I've read up about this phone. Why would I was a third one? I'm writing the CEO of Cricket about the phone and how customer services giving me the run around. . First giving to warranty and warranty giving me back to customer service and then customer service telling me I had to go through Alcatel. I have health issues and dealing with stress isn't good for me. And stress is all I get from your customer services.
                                 I just was asking them to replace my phone with the new Idol 5 or the new Samsung. . This is the first non Samsung phone. I got the idol 4 cause of its sound system. But it's not worth getting burned by it cause it gets so hot.. I'm scared that the battery May blow up at some point.
                                Cricket Wireless Hey Ron! We do apologize for the issues you've experienced with your devices. Unfortunately, these issues with the device would have to be taken up with our warranty department as they handle the replacements of these devices.
                                We understand your concerns with the device. Normally warranty will replace the device like for like. You can voice these concerns to warranty but it will be up to them whether they send out the same or different device.
                                Ron Griggi I have spoke to warranty. , they said that they can only replace it with the same phone. I asked them why would I want a third phone to have the same problem. I'm going round and round with you now. If you read that. Customer services sent me to warranty. Warranty said they could only replace with the same phone. Warranty said customer services could replace my idol 4 with a different phones went back to customer services. They told me only Alcatel could give me a different phone. Alcatel. Told me that it was Cricket Customer services. THAT COULD REPLACE MY PHONE WITH A DIFFERENT ONE. Not Warranty. Can you help me with getting a different phone??
                                Cricket Wireless Unfortunately we are unable to give you a new device. You can always check our page for discounted devices on upgrade. This is another way for you to get a replacement device and as a courtesy we can waive your $25 upgrade fee. See link below to take a look at the devices we currently offer:
                                Ron Griggi I've had this phone for 3 months. Your first reply to this message sounded like getting a different phone was possible to replace this one. SO NOW YOUR SAYING THAT I HAVE TO PAY FOR A NEW PHONE CAUSE THIS PHONE IS DANGEROUS? This why I'm writing to Crickets CEO. You all know about the problem with the Idol 4 even Alcatel admits to the problem. The manager at Alcatel said that they would take the phone back from cricket. I don't have the money to buy a new phone cause I'm on disability and on a low fixed income. But that shouldn't matter. Your phone you sold me is dangerous and I want a different phone replaced.
                                Cricket Wireless We do apologize for the inconvenience unfortunately we have offered to replace the device through our warranty department. We are unable to provide you with a different phone for free. After a device is purchased, we are unable to verify what has occurred with the phone physically or internally. As stated, you can look on our website for a device priced in your price range, and we are willing to waive the upgrade fee of $25.
                                Ron Griggi WHY would I want a third Manufacturer defective phone ??? Why as a company would you give a customer a third same phone that you know have a lot of defects and that one of them if over heating to the point of to hot to touch? I don't trust this phone. And if something does happen I have the proof on the good old world wide web. to use.
                                Cricket Wireless We haven't received any word on the device being defective or no longer being sold because of issues. We are offering a replacement for the device because that is what warranty is for, to replace the device. If you are unsatisfied with the device, you then have the option on purchasing another device. We have offered to credit back the $25 upgrade fee if you decide to purchase a new phone. Ron, is there anything else that we can assist with?
                                Ron Griggi Go get on the Internet and Read up. Thank you for Denying that there is a problem. There is proof on the Internet stories about the overheating problem. I've had Alcatel customer service admit to knowing about the problem, They also said that the Idol 5 came out because of the problem and that they fixed it. Your warranty department said that the had to replace a few Idol 4 because of overheating. One of your customer service employees said that he heard about the problem. Last.. 2 independent Cricket stores have said that they have had to replace the phone also. The problem that I'm having with the Idol 4 is a manufacturer problem with the phone your own people have admitted to the problem Alcatel has acknowledged to the problem.. Please read your companies first reply. It sounded to me that a new different phone was possible! Thank you for your replies. I will be using this to share what a bad company Cricket is. If i have to spend money on a new phone. I'll be doing it with another company.. M family has another account with Cricket, That's a total of 6 accounts your losing next month and I will be spamming over the world wide web. Thank you for your time

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                                  • Pepster
                                  • Ls6
                                  • 19 Jun 2018

                                  I've had this phone since August 2017. Yes, the camera is not great at all. Slow, yup. But, I didn't expect much, so I haven't put it through steneous use. I guess that's why it has been decent. Not the best, true. But, I really can't complain. Though, Alcatel should upgrade these things.

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                                    • Vicodin
                                    • ajS
                                    • 19 Jun 2018

                                    Grenadianexpat, 13 Jun 2018I wanted a cheap phone that did the basics with just one or... moreIf you want to get rid of the bloatware you have installed with the firmware, you can go to settings>apps>system apps>clear data and disable. In order to make every app eligible to be moved to microsd card you need to go to settings>about phone>software information> you have to tap on that item until "developer mode activated". You go to settings main menu and just near about phone it will appear a new item, the "developer mode". You activate it and search in that list for this option, for sure is there. If found it called " make any app eligible to move to external storage, you activate it and you're done! Now you are able to move any app on external storage.

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                                      • emma
                                      • fsZ
                                      • 19 Jun 2018

                                      my pixi 4 6 storage has crashed .anyone who can help....

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                                        • Grenadianexpat
                                        • 7}Z
                                        • 13 Jun 2018

                                        I wanted a cheap phone that did the basics with just one or two extra apps. It is an absolute P.O.S. it can barely run itself never mind apps. You can't get any of the bundled stuff to migrate to the memory card, so it runs at almost full to the brim on internal space all the time.

                                        I feel instead of it working for me, I am working for it with the constant messages to boost, and free space.

                                        The camera is crap, the whole bloody phone is crap.