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I'm not an expert but I advise you to check if the power button is stuck inside from, say, a phone drop, or your battery is damaged, my c7 works perfectly without problems but I also have a samsung s4 which had this same problem a few days ago and I found on youtube video showing a guy hitting the phone several times on a towel-covered table, I thought what he was doing but saw that his phone worked, I said I have nothing to lose it doesn't work anyway so I tried the same and see a miracle and my phone worked and for a few days now it works great, weird but effective, if you try this then hit moderately not to break it.

  • Davidson Deivid

It's good phone but I have gotten a problem with it. The phone is stuck on the Words like ALCATEL Smart move. Just at the reopening of the phone. Please any kind officials help me and teach me how to fix this problem. Tried to use the power + volume up buttons. I restarted it but still it failed to pass via the stuck point. I need help please.

  • Dave

Donzkie, 01 Jul 2020Sir can i ask for my phone alcatel onetouch pop c7 is not w... moreRead about do a wipe or factory reset and you will lost all your data, but maybe can have operative the phone, or try a flash. If your phone it´s like a useless brick now, you can decide to test things and maybe repair it or broke it more... you decide. Factory restet or wipe cab be done with a combination of keys in phone. To do it, turn off your phone (you must to turn off, yes), second, press all time power+volume down keys. If not work, use volume up key. When you see the logo, dont press the buttons, and wait until menu. Move in the menu with keys of volume and select RECOVERY MODE. and use WIPE CACHE PARTITION, after this, (((with volume keys and power to select))), select, WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET. Select YES. After this "REBOOT SYSTEM NOW", and wait some minutes (wait less than 5 minutes) You will have a clean phone now, all data lost if all goes ok. If there are chinese characters, Look this webpage. Its your choice of do this or not. I'm not responsible for what happens, but write if it went well or badly.

  • Dave

Alcatel use programmed obsolescence on their phones, a real shame. When I bought it many years ago, it was only updated in the same version of Android 4, to 4.2.2. Even though you are still using it for many years, you have a lot of problems to find a compatible APP, because many require Android 5.

  • Donzkie

Sir can i ask for my phone alcatel onetouch pop c7 is not working beacause is stuck logo and keep restarting my phone how can i fix it please help me Sir...

thank's for read my messeges.. :D

works perfectly even after 6 years

Fifi, 12 Jun 2018Using it for 4 years, I dropped it 50+ times, cracked its g... moreHow is the app support for an old version of Android?

  • Fifi

Using it for 4 years, I dropped it 50+ times, cracked its glass 3 times( bought a new one)- still working. It is not for those taking pics everyday for instagram- its pictures do not come out very well, but a very durable, nice looking phone(I have the white one). Good for those phone is not one of their vital body organs)), it can last rreeally long if used carefuly. I read pdf books with it- and its shape is very smooth and easy to hold- very good choice for ebook readers- not too big tto handle, not too small to read.

  • pane

AnonD-377616, 16 Apr 2018Hmmm...Ontothe negatives first The phone has a 5 inch di... morefor better performance , disable default games and apps you dont use, install ''cameringo'' for better fotos, also ''Stellio music player'' +10 band equlizer'' for better music experience, and for battery put to charge when is 25% to reach 85% not 100% full charge, that save battery charge cycles and prolong battery life.

  • AnonD-377616

Hmmm...Ontothe negatives first

The phone has a 5 inch display,instead of 540x960 or 1280x720,nope,they put 480x800 res and everything is huge

The phone has a quad core and 1GB of RAM,but why Android 4.2.2,why not 4.4.2?

And onto the positives(There are many)

The phone is light,has a 5 inch display,and it fits in my hands perfectly!

The phone has 4GB of internal memory,but ROOTING it fixes everything

The phone has a great battery,mine lasts for 4 days if I leave the WiFi off,if not it lasts barely a day

Overall,it's a great secondary,and also,the camera is a 5MP 720p(Which also makes good photos,under saturated,but overall good) ,I recommend it to anyone on a tight budget,and if you're gonna use it for music,calling and texting,I highly recommend it

  • Ivo

I have it almost 4 years. Not a single problem.

  • bartender

used it for 2.5 yrs and its great for its price.very strong with good back cam but th android is pretty old.

  • yuwash

I experienced boot loop at "alcatel" logo screen, but could always solve it by

1. removing battery,
2. holding volume up (use some pointed tool),
3. inserting battery again while holding power until you see the android recovery system menu,
4. using volume buttons to navigate to reset and resetting (your data will be lost unfortunately)

  • Lala

Hey guys, am i the only one who doesn't have a pen for personalised status with background colour on the status bar-whatsApp?.Does this feature vary from mobile devices? Im using Alcatel one touch.Your help will be highly appreciated.

  • Q7WW

O haver it but im realinhamento with flash tool problem someone help me please

  • Lorde Vick

had a boot loop problem and couldn't fix it because no software for the mobile phone at Lagos, Nigeria

  • Anonymous

neptune, 22 May 2017How to remove this access control restrict normal calls . w... moreopen call and dial this code *#*#34777#*# and press call, after try to call any number,
or power off the phone remove the sim card then put it back , start the phone and try to call.
if wont work , then call or visit your operator.

  • neptune

How to remove this access control restrict normal calls . when u have such a problem u don't receive or make calls

  • jusdat

keanne, 19 Feb 2017i have alcatel pop c7.. my problem is whenever im using fac... moreI solved the facebook reset issue by uninstalling facebook updates. The facebook app will revert to the original factory version. I think the latest updates of the FB apps is too much for the CPU and firmware to handle!

  • Anonymous

keanne, 19 Feb 2017i have alcatel pop c7.. my problem is whenever im using fac... more
think it's time to do 'factory data reset' but first Save all data on (pc, or sd card as, mp3, photo, video etc) also backup all contacts and remove sd card and sim card before you do reset the phone, later install all app from the beginning and facebook too and it should work without problems