alcatel Pulsemix

alcatel Pulsemix

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  • Anonymous

Got it for $12 at Target. Worth it.

  • Anonymous

I actually have no problems with this phone.It is even faster than my Alcatel 7. Ironically.

This is a phone that should have Android Go

This phone will never blow your mind in any aspect

  • N

In my opinion this phone is a POS it over heats, goes into a continous restart loop and I have to walk a half mile from my house to get it to stop.

Cricket needs to remove this phone from thier line up


I went through a lot of smartphones but this one is not like any other, latest android which i think should be used for few upcoming years and most of all OCTA CORE which makes the speed superb and battery time is outstanding i am glad to get this one.

  • Frustrated at get go

The SIM card was too wide and too thick to fit into the SIM card slot. After an hour of searching the internet, I found a video showing how to trim the edges. I still had to file the back surface of the card to get it thin enough to fit in the slot. It took a total of 3 hrs to get the card inserted. Seems to work so far, but it’s risky filing a card because you can damage the chip.

  • Anonymous

One of the few buget phones with Google assistant. The only thing that is a little annoying is that the OS is 7.0 nougat. I wish I could update it but you know how that goes. Otherwise great phone.

  • Anonymous

I have reviewed this phone and I really like it. I have been using it as a main phone for about a week. Great buget phone.

AnonD-702540, 22 Sep 2017The Alcatel PULSEMIX is a Cricket-exclusive phone, so it is... moreNever heard of that carrier...what a strange name!

  • AnonD-702540

The Alcatel PULSEMIX is exclusive to Cricket Wireless, but the Alcatel A50 is a nearly identical phone that is available unlocked or as a Amazon Prime Exclusive phone.

* Rear camera: The A50 has a 13MP rear camera in place of the PULSEMIX's 8MP.
* Color: The A50 is Metal Silver. The PULSEMIX is Metal Black.
* VoLTE: The A50 supports VoLTE on T-Mobile.

Both support the same Snapback rear expansion covers.

  • AnonD-702540

AnonD-678280, 25 Aug 2017Where to buy this phone? The Alcatel PULSEMIX is a Cricket-exclusive phone, so it is available directly from them:


hay this phone suport moto theter mod and what is a battery talktime

  • AnonD-481463

Just a note: MT6738 is also called MT6750. Just a matter of names.

  • AnonD-678280

Where to buy this phone?

  • AnonD-441601

For 80 USD its should be best phone on market with price under 100

  • AnonD-564711

- 145mm 5.2 inch 720p
- MicroSD card slot
- Legendary budget Cortex-A53
- Bluetooth 4.2 + usb type C , 2800mah battery , notification Led
- 80 USD
- 2mp selfie cam
- no dual speaker
- poke out back camera