alcatel Shine Lite

alcatel Shine Lite

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  • Anonymous

Battery died after one year of use. Now I have to charge it every 3-4 hours...Camera is not good for evening photos.

I have this phone for 18 months...
Excellent budget phone.
Excellent camera (front and back) and it comes with flash too.
Excellent battery life.
Clear and smooth display.
Excellent fingerprint login response.
My only concern is that the glass backing is too slippery. It slides on any smooth surface especially when it vibrates.
To remedy this I bought a jelly case to prevent breakage and slipping....

Photos taken from this phone look like they're 5MP interpolated to 13MP

  • ouch

had it for 3 weeks and it acts like its 6 years old. Horrible phone, please don't buy one.

  • nin


  • Danto

augustalion2, 12 Jul 2018bought the phone, but 2days after I could not switch it off. The... moreI have the same phone but it never started taking tp me

  • augustalion2

bought the phone, but 2days after I could not switch it off. Then it began speaking Spanish to me. I'm English. And the phone cannot switch off. Then the battery is locked inside, can't come out. what kind of phone is this?

  • qwerty78

This is the worst phone I have ever owned. It suddenly 'decides' not to charge, which makes it very difficult these days, when a phone is needed on a day-to-day basis. You can actually see the percentage of battery drop down, such as 57,56,55,54,53, and so on.

It overheats extremely easily. I mean, there are the obvious things that you know you shouldn't really do, such as lay your phone in the sun, but I'm talking about having it in your hands makes it overheat, which is the way to use it!?!?!

I hate this phone!!

  • AnonD-758261

Very poor phone ,seems if it looks at damp air it will pack up ,they won't replace my phone as they said water damage ,must be the most poorly designed phone ever made ,please do not breath on your phone ,who ever makes these please replace ,stake my mothers life it has never being near water,always excuses ,

  • Wilson

My phone´s not reading the second Sim card.
Is Dual Sim. but only one´s working

  • Miss k smyth

My phones keeps flashing while texting .
Ee said it was a cheap phone so can not get a new one .
Should not be on sale
Sold. By carphone warehouse.

  • AnonD-730149

Had this phone about 10 months now battery only lasts a day not even using it and wifi tuned off not happy at this stage as battery locked inside so no repacement can be done

This phone is one of the best I've owned. Never really plays up. It's all good

  • AnonD-720857

please how can i check all features of this phone and code to confirm the authentication of it, thanks?

  • Tboy.

the phone is averagely okay, the battery live is poor compare with facility embedded with the phone, internal memory is 10gb not 16gb, music is very okay, please it will be better if you guys can work on this little observation. thanks

  • arturia


The phone works fine until U put certain apps in and it dies for U 2 scrub them ,,So just a case of 2GB Ram not doing what it could and like all mobiles these days ,, there designed not to last,,,,END OF!!!!!

  • werxcfg

Good Build quality, 02 Nov 2017superb build quality, the phone is pretty heavy it means it has ... morethere is small mainboard at top, battery is on the middle and bottom is USB PCB. Only heavy part is display

  • anon

ringing tone keeps going silent i dont get the text or messenger message until about half hour later, doesnt run smoothly as keeps stalling keeps saying not enough room for updating apps when i have over 5gb internal available

  • Good Build quality

superb build quality, the phone is pretty heavy it means it has lots f components and the quality is top notch. good camera quality even the front camera has better image reproduction than my xiaomi redmi 3s

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2017Not a good product it keeps popping up adverts in the middle of ... morethose popup come from your installed apps not from the phone