Alleged image of LG G4 with a stylus spotted

30 March, 2015

LG has been working on the LG G4 as the successor of the G3 launched last year. The South Korean company is reportedly also developing a LG G4 Note to compete directly with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Few images of a mysterious LG device surfaced online last week and was attributed as the G4. But now a new image of the LG device with a stylus appeared and it appears to be picturing the same device.

There’s no way to estimate which device it was - G4, G4 Note or LG G4 Stylus. Last year, the company introduced the G3, G3 Stylus, and G3 Beat variants so it might repeat that feat this year.

There's no official info pointing in any direction at this point so take it all with a grain of salt.