Alleged Meizu X2 leaks with circular secondary display

Himanshu, 31 July 2017

While the Meizu Pro 7 duo featuring secondary display is yet to go on sale, the company is already working on another dual-display smartphone. A couple of images for the handset - allegedly dubbed Meizu X2 - have leaked.

The images clearly show the secondary display is circular, unlike the rectangular-shaped one on the Pro 7 duo.

Given the smaller size, it'd be reasonable to assume that this display won't be as feature rich - it'll likely show things like clock/time and battery status.

The leak also reveals the phone features a single rear-camera sensor. Sadly, nothing on the specifications front is currently known, but we'll be on the lookout for more info and keep you updated.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

well, people like you always search for errors on these brands, you ask for innovation, they give you innovation, but will ask for another thing, it is understandable that innovation needs to be new every now and then but it's just stup!d to think th...

  • Anonymous

why dont they copy yotas eink? It was so innovative, pracitcal and good-looking imho.

  • AnonD-688558

Very correct. They should try to innovate something else

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