Alleged metal frame of Samsung Galaxy S5 pictured

22 November, 2013

Add this to the list of "maybe, but maybe not" rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5. Leaked images show a metal frame for a smartphone, allegedly the Galaxy S5.

The frame measures 143.8 x 72.3mm, compared to 136.6 x 69.8mm for the current Galaxy S4 and 151.2 x 79.2mm for the Galaxy Note 3. This, of course, leads to speculations that the Galaxy S5 will have a larger screen (any S phone so far has).

It should be noted that a metal frame does not necessarily mean metal exterior the frame can easily be covered in plastic panels.

Also, the camera hole is in one of the corners, even though Samsung puts cameras on the center line of the back (not always though, the camera on the original Galaxy S was in the corner). Also, the 3.5mm audio jack is at the bottom, while Samsung design dictates it should be on the top.

Anyway, this could be a frame for the metal-clad Galaxy F line, which isn't official yet. Or it might really be for the Galaxy S5, which some rumors say will launch in January next year. Then again, until we see the frame with a Samsung logo stamped on it, we're not getting our hopes up.

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Reader comments

  • Frostlance

HTC came out with it 1st before the iphone genius.

  • hipi66

Apple invented... LOL

  • Anonymous

Yup. Samsung never made metal phones before...Apple invented them....And anything not metal is crap...and everything metal is amazing....You all are just so smart and not jealous hating trolls at all

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