Alleged video of iPhone SE leaks showing a headphone jack

Ricky, 26 April 2018

The iPhone SE originally launched in March 2016 as a refreshed update to the iPhone 5S’ body with the internals and updated camera of the iPhone 6S. It’s been over two years and rumors point to Apple possibly releasing a new version of the popular 4-inch iPhone form factor some time next month.

The latest leaks shows the new supposed iPhone SE with a glass back. The result reminds us of the iPhone 4’s design, which featured a totally glass back. Later, metal and glass was used on the back of the iPhone 5. What’s interesting is the phone was previously rumored to nix the headphone jack, but this model has the jack right at the bottom.

The model was not shown with the screen on, which suggests that it is likely dummy unit. The thing about dummy units is that they are hard to validate. We’ve seen hardware leaks about iPhones in the past but oftentimes dummies are not a reliable source. It’s entirely possible that this model is based on the leaked photos from this past week. The bottom of the phone looks exactly like the iPhone 5’s, not a speaker hole out of place.

The iPhone SE was the last Apple phone released to have a headphone jack, but this leak contradicts the previous rumor that the headphone jack won’t exist on a new iPhone SE.

If Apple does end up keeping the headphone jack on this rumored device, it will bring up an interesting conversation – will Apple have the “courage” to explain why it contradicted its own “courage”?”. If Apple does remove the headphone jack, it needs to have either: waterproofing, a taptic feedback engine, or a larger battery to justify. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether the iPhone SE will have the precious headphone jack.

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Reader comments

  • artkicz

budget ppl? I can afford iphone x or any other phone but they are too big, can u understand that that some ppl like me dont like to talk via kitchen pan? SE has perfect size for me

  • AnonD-631139

It will be flop like iPhone SE. Need same body dimensions size but screen need edge to edge like iPhone x. It will be big flop which I seen the video.

If they keep the headphone jack it's because this is just an SE refresh, not a whole new phone. Removing it makes no sense. Besides, this is a budget iPhone for budget people who won't buy bluetooth earphones anyway ;)