Allview P6 Energy Lite

Allview P6 Energy Lite

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  • Adonis
  • mAW
  • 04 Nov 2021

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2021This was my 3rd phone ever, and I feel so nostalgic looking... moreHahaa yea. This was my second phone. I didnt know too much about tech at that time. :)

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    • Anonymous
    • nDF
    • 16 Oct 2021

    This was my 3rd phone ever, and I feel so nostalgic looking at these specs realising how much things changed since 2016 up to 2021.

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      • Gogu
      • 0Uu
      • 18 Oct 2017

      The phone works perfectly with a few settings.

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        • Anonymous
        • ajS
        • 23 Jul 2017

        It lags a lot and it crawls like a retarded snail.the screen only has a little god view angle. It is heavy as a brick. Have I missed something? Of course, low end CPU/GPU, low RAM, battery of poor quality - drains fester after few months of fair usage. Overall - avoid buying this phone at all cost.

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          • Valentin
          • Lax
          • 26 Jan 2017

          Gabi, 16 Nov 2016I bought this phone and I'm very disappointed. The display ... moreVery disappointed in the phone processing speed. It oftens freeze and when playing a game (or doing anything on any application) it freeze if i receive a phone call, or it display the phone call like 5-10 seconds late after ringtone starts. And sometimes if freezes in any application (tried facebook messenger, or weather XL, or a game Forge of empires, or a game Auto Dealer, or a game Archery King). Application running 1 by 1.
          Yes, the battery keep me long time, even 3 days with average use of the phone (calling, gaming, other internet applications), but it is not worth with how much it freeze.
          So i just got the phone on a bargain (new, with 1/4 of it's full price) and will see to sell it to a pawn shop and buy another one, or to someone else and maybe win a little money in the process, or at least don't pay too much on another one.

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            • Gabi
            • 0Up
            • 16 Nov 2016

            I bought this phone and I'm very disappointed. The display had a manufacturing defect, after 21 days of use, the display was cracked without your phone being bullied, hit, scratched, subjected to mechanical or thermal actions.
            1GB of RAM is insufficient, the operating system uses 95% of RAM. Applications run very hard.
            Price and quality is very bad.
            The only cue is 4G connection that can be used in DigiMobil network but which can not function at full capacity because of insufficient RAM.