Allview P6 Lite

Allview P6 Lite

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  • Gabe F
  • p3K
  • 07 Sep 2017

Anonimus, 19 Oct 2016Which is the Chinese twin of this phone ?This phone is produced by romanian people and they are doing good trouble this phone is very good for the very acessible price. 1 GB RAM is amazing, 8 GB internal memory awesome. Antoher amazing phone from Allview.

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    • Patrocle
    • JEF
    • 19 Nov 2016

    Gionee ... something.

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      • Anonimus
      • mnS
      • 19 Oct 2016

      Which is the Chinese twin of this phone ?

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        • anonimus
        • mnS
        • 19 Oct 2016

        I bought this phone in Mtel(Bosnia and Herzegovina). On the official web-site I read that released an upgrade to android 6, but when I try to upgrade my phone I get a message ‚‚your target doesn't support OTA‚‚ .I contacted support and they said they would solve the problem.

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          • Anonymous
          • nCD
          • 07 Aug 2016

          Don't buy this, its some kind of new generation smartphone but it work like first one, blocking minimum 2 times a day without doing anithing just for receiving call the phone block's, i just buyit from 4 days but i will go back with the phone cause i can't do anything with this piece of scrap mettal and plastic. At this price you can buy a Sony Xperia z, and it works excelent or maybe Samsung s2 refurbished with guaranty so, no thank you i will go back with this phone cause it;s not worth even 1 dollar