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Allview V1 Viper S

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  • jimmy

where is the SAR value of this phone? is that not important?

  • daniel

I have that phone since more than 1,5 years, good quality, but what I like the most is that come with 2Gb RAM + Qualcomm quad core processor, enough internal memory 16Gb and very good battery - that allow me to run any application & game without any issue. I had many other smartphones, and I can say that at its price performance is better that Samsung similar phones

  • AnonD-464397

I own one of this phone. It is at a good price/feature rate. It worked fine for one year, now I have it serviced in warranty, the mainboard failed, it does not comunicate via USB.
Overall the only problem which annoyed me is the poor quality of the pictures taken in spite of the 13 MPx camera. I have some signal problems with it, but it is from the GSM operator RDS, I have the same problem with Huawei P8 Lite...

  • rakos

AnonD-312843, 27 Sep 2014Viper V1 was released in February 2014 and Walton Primo S2 was r... morehow can it be a clone of Walton if allview appeared in February a;d Walton in april.Do the math.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2014Google for Walton Primo S2. It looks exactly as Allview V1 Viper... moreBecause of walton rebranding that phone

  • Bogateanu Catalin

Tradepro, 26 Sep 2014I have the phone since the first day it was released which is no... moreI all so think that the protection glass is not Gorilla Glass3, camera is very poor quality and it has problems un signal during calls.

  • Anubis

Have this Phone for about a month needed a dual SIM relativly cheap and with good specs, also have/had a Samsung Galaxy S4 so a quick comparison from the standpoint on wich i use the phone... batery is better not by much but half a day extra makes a diference; games i played on bouth phones didnt feel the diference in graphis..maybe just in the superior quality of the SuperAmoled on SGSIV think nicer colors but not by very much ; signal quality.. no isues yet ; now the hot topic camera... well either i was lucky with allview and got a very good camera (for a phone) or unluky with SGSIV(wich was bad in comparison) would have liked the 4G version of this phone but for my needs 3G is good enough for playing online games;
software : skin from Allview on top of the OS doesnt bother me got used to it after a 2 days .... touchwiz....was anoying but got used to it form way back when i had SGSII
PPL are complayning of software freezes... well a liitle housecleaning from time to time( unistaling clearing, caches, verifing the instal paths ..if is on internal memory or SD card..etc once/month same i did on SGSIV ) and no software freezes till now.

Overall at this time for ~250Euros a good Dual Sim Phone

Doens't matter if Allview is a phone rebranding....remember all phones are builded in PRC(CHINA).. but software optimizations are from this company - the custom andriod ROM wich the phone comes to put it simply

  • Anonymous

mariansss, 28 Sep 2014Signal is weak and fluctuating. Buying new SIMs don't solve the... moreI can confirm fluctuating signal quality. While Vodafone is almost at full most of the time, Cosmote sometimes looses signal completely. Is it a Cosmote or Viper V1 S problem? I think both factors play a role.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-312843, 27 Sep 2014Viper V1 was released in February 2014 and Walton Primo S2 was r... moreGoogle for Walton Primo S2. It looks exactly as Allview V1 Viper S. And the driver is also for Walton Primo S2...

  • mariansss

Signal is weak and fluctuating. Buying new SIMs don't solve the problem. No kitkat. Allview announced kitkat for many other inferior phones, all but viper S?

  • AnonD-312843

Viper V1 was released in February 2014 and Walton Primo S2 was released in April 2014. But YES, Viper is a Walton clone despite any logic just because you can't think in other way.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-260907, 06 May 2014Can you give me the site from were you bought it?Either directly on Allview website or at etc. etc.

  • Anonymous

Nemo, 17 May 2014If 13MP is not enough for your cause, buy a digital Cam with soo... moreProblem is not the 13 MP but the blue stitch when making pictures at night. The camera is weaker than Samsung S3 cam and a lot weaker than S5 cam (my wife had S3 and now has S5)!!

  • Anonymous

parjolio, 18 May 2014It'not that.. Just my ex 5mp phone was smoother than 13 mp of al... moreSorry. Is not a romanian phone. Is an Indian phone. Primo Walton S2 !!

  • Anonymous

Sergiu, 22 May 2014The vast majority of Allview phones are in fact nothing more tha... moreCorrect. Allview is only rebranding. V1 Viper S is in fact an Primo Walton S2. I noticed that when I was looking for a way to root the phone (and suceeded).

  • Anonymous

AnonD-144368, 21 Jun 2014I've one ,is the best mobilephone! Is for sure not the best phone. Is a good Dual sim phone at a reasonable price.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-261508, 05 Aug 2014have this phone about 3 month and work's very fine and smooth li... moreI cant confirm that. My phone blocks from time to time, the camera sometimes blocks or needs several attempts to focus, programs block etc. etc. Overall I am happy with the phone and due to the price I can recommend it to everybody. But S5 clearly beats it.

  • Anonymous

mujitzu, 08 Aug 2014hahahahahahahahahahahaha better than s3 ? just because your sco... moreSorry pal, but this phone is for sure better than a S3!!! No question the S5 is better (my wife had S3 and now has S5) but consider also the price difference!!

  • Walter

mariansss, 16 Aug 2014My viper S sometimes freezes completely and remain lit keys down... moreI can confirm this problem. My Allview V1 Viper S also freezes from time to time and I need to remove the battery. Happens about every 2 weeks or so. Meaning its annoying but not that bad.

  • Tradepro

I have the phone since the first day it was released which is now a couple of months ago. I am happy with the phone but there are noticeable differences where you note that the price difference.

Short Conclusion: For the decent price it is a nice Dual Sim phone with up to date performance (speed, battery, display). There are however some downsides such as weak camera and several small bugs that do make a difference to Samsung S5.

- Reasonable price
- Dual SIM
- Battery 2500 mAh
- Good performance
- God 5.1" display

- weak camera. Problems on focussing, strong blue stitch in night
- screen is for sure not Gorilla Glass 3 (scratches to easily)
- small bugs such as phone blocking from time to time (need to remove the battery)
- there are noticeable small (weaker) differences to Samsung S5 (display S5 is better etc.)
- some users complain about poor signal recepetion