Allview Viva H1001 LTE

Allview Viva H1001 LTE

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  • xT{
  • 23 Apr 2018

It is one of the cheap class tablets so there are lots of things that are below today's standards. In particular, it is below average in the following qualities: display resolution, RAM, processing power, camera
But it is absolutely amazing in battery performance!

With the performance limitations, don't expect it to be like your phone, with tons of apps, etc. With the slightly lower display resolution, it is not good for photo viewing either. But what it is absolutely amazing at is reading documents.

I personally removed all of the extra apps, disabled all of the native Google apps which I wouldn't be using, installed a great pdf reader app, and uploaded on an SD card all of the e-books, documents, lecture notes, lecture slides I have. I don't have to carry thick stacks of printed handouts anymore, just one light tablet, that needs charging maybe once a week.

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    • AnonD-678898
    • LaB
    • 21 Jun 2017

    Bought one based on these specifications... but the dpi is 213 so I can't use it for the intended purpose :(

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      • Andrei
      • 0nD
      • 12 Jan 2017

      Andrei, 12 Jan 2017Hi! I have this device for 1 month. For a low cost category... moreBy the way, the battery is pretty good, for an Android device, from 1 to 3 days.
      1 day if you watch movies 12h continuously :-)

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        • Andrei
        • 0nD
        • 12 Jan 2017

        Hi! I have this device for 1 month. For a low cost category, this tablet offers a good quality of sound, video, speed of web surfing.
        when you buy it you need to know:
        -from 1GB RAM, OS use 400-600 MB. This is a good because it's enough RAM space simultaneously to run 3-7 user apps;
        -free space on disk (on tablet) is only 1,5GB, that's why it's recommended to by micro SD Card.
        -in set with tablet you will have a set of simple jacks and protection foil.

        If you know what you want from your tablet and its specifications are sufficient, then I recommend this device.
        I'm glad of it.