Allview X4 Xtreme

Allview X4 Xtreme

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  • Anonymous
  • ajR
  • 08 Oct 2018

Good phone, affordable price, battery lasts forever and charges up super quickly with its own charger.
Dropped it accidentally a few times and it doesnt have a scratch. Comes with two screen protectors and a phone case.

The only issues i can find are that the back camera is a bit lacking, its definitely a selfie phone, and that it charges very slowly with other brand chargers.

Overall would wholeheartedly recommend.

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    • Adrian2018
    • mjP
    • 19 Jul 2018

    I have this phone, I made a lot of tests and it is ok.
    It's worth its price.

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      • AnonD-82844
      • Lax
      • 30 Sep 2017

      This shits are getting shittyer by the year,shit cpu,shit gpu,dual camera with 1080 at 30 fps,ha hahahahaha,my LG G2 gets 1080 60fps FFS,in my country we have a saying if something tastes bad and its cheap or something is of poor quality you say that its from the bottom of the silo or container :)))),this brand is like that.

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        • AnonD-690885
        • 0rc
        • 22 Aug 2017

        Phone delivers very good quality for the money. Very good midranger!.and it does have an infrared port next to the main camera

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          • vreju
          • ms3
          • 09 Jul 2017

          Is a joke how to be extreme....Probably the price....because it is big

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            • Nickhawk
            • mAN
            • 03 Jul 2017

            Are you kidding me??? What is so "Xtreme"??? The poor camera is so Xtreme or what??? Honestly I waited for an Xtreme model from Allview, but I very disappointed. The divorce for Allview is guaranteed! Godbye!!!