Alto's Odyssey now available on Android

Prasad, 27 July 2018

Popular game Alto's Odyssey is finally on Android. The game is available to download worldwide for free on the Google Play Store unlike the iOS version, which is paid. However, the Android version has ads, which you have to pay to remove.

Alto's Odyssey is the successor to Alto's Adventure by Noodlecake Studios, who also make other awesome games like Chameleon Run, FRAMED 1 and 2, Lumino City, and more. Like Alto's Adventure, Alto's Odyssey is an ’endless runner‘ style of game, where you ski down a slope and perform jumps and wall slides, while collecting coins, completing objectives and seeing how far you can go before falling. The games are known for their simple yet beautiful art style, minimal controls and a sublime soundtrack.

Alto's Odyssey was released first on iOS back in February, where it was very well received and also got an Apple Design Award.

You can read our review of the original iOS release here, which ads aside, is identical.



Reader comments


  • Procrastinator

I've waited so long for this game to come out and when it finally does the sounds are all kinds of effed up. There are so many audio issues, regardless of what phone you're using to play it.

Thats just for the pop-up ads.. and video ads are still there..