Amazon launches an AI camera and machine learning tools for businesses

Yordan, 30 November 2017

Amazon might be the biggest online retailer, but the company wants to be even more influential, launching a set of AI products.

The subsidiary Amazon Web Services introduced a $250 AI camera called DeepLens, a new platform named SageMaker for deploying machine learning and a new AI service for transcription and translation, all aimed at developers and businesses.

Amazon launches an AI camera and machine learning tools for businesses

The DeepLens camera comes with pre-installed AI tools, including object, image and character recognition. According to AWS press release, it can detect “cats, dogs, faces, everyday objects, motions and even hot dogs".

Some examples how the DeepLens would come in handy is having a warehouse and the cameras scan and keep track of the inventory. It is powered by an Intel Atom chipset and takes videos in 1080p resolution. There’s also Wi-Fi connectivity as well as USB, and microHDMI ports.

Amazon’s products Echo with Alexa are an example how well AWS’ AI tools work. The new products are a statement that the company is willing to take the step and make the everyday life even more AI-integrated.



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  • Matt99
  • 01 Dec 2017
  • nG4

Hello Hal

  • Anonymous
  • 01 Dec 2017
  • teq

You mean like what smartphones do?

For more educated people is just lambda symbol from physics to calculate wavelengths, you welcome

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