Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017)

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017)

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  • Dhak

No , it has gps advantage too.

  • Diamondd

Superb tablet. Under half the price of any iPad & this tablet performs amazingly well indeed!! Great screen, long battery life, micro ad storage options & it's very quick too. Great value!!

  • bullhead520

Mn050711, 24 Sep 2017It's clearly not meant to compete with an iPad. The iPad is a Po... moreBut I bet your Corolla will last longer and not cost as much to run

I know I usually don't like Amazon's tablet's or phones, but I really don't like this one. I feel like this is supposed to be their alternative to the iPad Pro. I think they could have put more power into this tablet because of its size, but the display and processor is disappointing. On the other hand, it's only about 120 dollars on Amazon, so it is good for the money, but I still wouldn't recommend it.

  • Anonymous

Once you put Google play store, Nova launcher and Launcher hijack (To run Nova),you have a really good device for the money

@algar1931, 18 Apr 2018Hi I wanted to conect this to my personal hotspot on an IPhone 7... moreHi, It is possible to use this brilliant tablet using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, I do it every day travelling to and from work on our tram system. Mine works really well, a lot faster than the free Wi-Fi on our trams! Follow the instructions that tell you how to connect another device to the internet using your phone as an hotspot, it isn't complicated at all.

Navynuke, 09 Jun 2018Wow! I'm guessing you haven't actually tried one, since you are ... moreWell said! 😃👍👏 I too am neither poor nor rich, but I know bloody good value for money when I see it... I have only recently escaped the clutches of the cult of the bitten piece of fruit, when it comes to tablets that is, I love my iPh*ne and you will have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers to take it away from me! 😆 I am so happy with my 32 GB Fire HD 10 (2017) that I have bought the 64 GB version as my "away from home" device... I am looking forward to many hours of playful (and hopefully constructive) pleasure with my newly acquired "Marine Blue" friends! Hopefully more & more people will think for themselves and ignore the sometimes almost vitriolic comments about what is a bloody good piece of tech (and that because of it's sensible price gives less affluent people the chance to join the world of tablet computers, I have to applaud Amazon for making that possible, putting aside their abhorrent attitude to paying tax aside of course... 👎😠).

When it comes to tablet computers I have only just escaped the cult that is represented by the bitten piece of fruit logo... After many hours of reading and watching online reviews of the various alternative tablets on the market I decided to ignore some of the very negative (and quite often vitriolic comments) about the Fire HD 10 2017 (7th Generation) tablet and take the plunge and buy one via I am so bloody glad I did! I took on board both the positive & negative views I read and heard about this tablet but having been raised to be able to think for myself I ordered my "Marine Blue" 32 GB Fire HD 10 2017 (7th Generation) device. I bought it knowing full well that I wasn't buying the equivalent to my precious tablet (that came with the compulsory membership of the cult of the bitten piece of fruit...), but I never expected to be as pleased as I have been with my Fire HD 10 2017 (7th Generation) little blue friend... I have not experienced any of the "flaws" in its performance that some reviewers warned about, the most frequently mentioned flag was the device's tendency to slow to a crawl when attempting to run more than a couple of apps at the same time! I have quite happily and successfully had 4 apps up and running at once with hardly any noticeable reduction in performance! I am particularly happy with my device's performance when it comes to speeds when connected to our home broadband, opening & loading some quite image intensive websites is no problem at all... One of the features of the Fire HD 10 2017 (7th Generation) that did get mostly positive reviews was the device's screen, everyone who has seen what my device's screen is capable of has been very impressed (we have the largest team system in the U.K. here in Manchester and fellow passengers are always commenting favourably about how good whatever movie I am watching during my journey home from work looks (I am very well pleased with my device's screen performance as well!). If what I have written up to now about my Fire HD 10 2017 (7th Generation) 32 GB doesn't make it clear how much I love it, the fact that I have just received the 64 GB version of it which I have just bought as my "away from home" device should ! I have expanded the storage of my 32 GB Fire HD 10 2017 (7th Generation) by 8 GB by using the option to use a microSD card, and I will be adding a 200 GB microSD card to my 64 GB "away from home" version as soon as it arrives in the post in the next few days... I can honestly say I am one very happy bunny when it comes to my new, very capable and pleasing to the eye & pocket Fire HD 2017 (7th Generation) 32 & 64 GB tablets (having the wonderful Alexa on them as well as our fantastic Echo smart speakers is the icing on an already lovely pair of cakes...). I can honestly say that I can't recommend the Fire HD 10 2017 (7th Generation) highly enough, just bear in mind that you won't be buying the equivalent of an grossly overpriced, really nothing special pair of electronic handcuffs that will trap you in the cult of the bitten piece of fruit... For an amazingly small amount of money you will be getting a fantastic device whose capabilities will only be limited by what you want to do with it!

  • melvinm1x

I like the amazon fire 7 10 inch screen, the battery doesn't stay charged for more than a couple hours. The battery will need changing soon. I keep minimal background programs running. Utilities don't help so each program not used gets deleted.

  • El Natan

I've had this for over a year, and I love it. I got it after my Nexus 7 2013 broke (still have to replace the daughterboard in that) and it has done most of what I need it to. I'm considering putting Android 9.0 on it to make productivity more streamlined with my phone and desktop, but for the $130 or so that I paid for it, the Fire HD 10 has held up very well. However, I'd pay a bit more for better battery life, which is mediocre. But hey, it was cheap and still runs alright.

  • I say the SHAHADA

Very good device, very good. Fast, well made, good price, very good price. I like it very much.

Camera on fire hd can upgrade or not?compatible camera for replacement?do tell if someone know...

  • Omid 12 Omidvar

Navynuke, 09 Jun 2018Wow! I'm guessing you haven't actually tried one, since you are ... moreVery good and be proud that you are very rich to have several smartdevice!! But in this very cruel earth , some disadvantaged deprived unprivileged people must sell their body parts to buy an iPhones !! So it is not a shame that the poorest people buy Amazon that does the same jobs with the lowest prices !! Having several smartdevices can not create pride but being humans is the greatest pride with living heads up....!!!!

robdevil XI, 19 Oct 2017Horrible stuff sold to poor people to make more money. I will ne... moreWow! I'm guessing you haven't actually tried one, since you are so vehemently opposed to it, unless you are poor, in which case you may own one. My family of 3 has 4 iPads, 3 iPhones, 2 MacBook Pros, a 1st generation Apple TV, and I have an Apple Watch. I am typing this on a Kindle Fire HD 10. We are not wealthy, nor poor. My point is, your comments are completely baseless, make no sense, and offend poor people. I don't particularly like Amazon, myself, as I have differing political and moral views. But I am glad that this tablet, which has 1920x1200 (a little above 1080p HD), AC wireless, Bluetooth 4.x LE, and feels quality, can be owned by people not so fortunate as you are.

  • AnonD-760564

@algar1931, 18 Apr 2018Hi I wanted to conect this to my personal hotspot on an IPhone 7... moreIs your wifi SSID is hidden?

  • @algar1931

Computer Veteran, 07 Mar 2018I used computers in all my life. I can't travel without compute... moreHi I wanted to conect this to my personal hotspot on an IPhone 7 but It can’t be done
Can you give me more details

Thank you

  • Computer Veteran

I used computers in all my life. I can't travel without computer. Now, I gave myself a project to hunt for "a light, at least 8-hours battery life between charges, 10" and above screen for my reading, of course WiFi and Bluetooth, reasonable click and response time, the purposes of the tablet mainly for email, browse Internet, a little bit document modification, my pictures viewing, and mp3 listening, mp4 viewing". That is all I need. This Amazon Fire HD 10 has 1.8GHz CPU with 32 GB memory (can add up to 128GB externally). It has everything of the above requirements after I added the Google Play Apps to it. I used it to connect to my iPhone 6 Plus thru the WiFi Personal Hot Spot to go online on the road and Google Map for me. Right now, I have everything that I am looking for from this tablet!

  • Evilwon

For general use and to pacify my kids this is a great tablet. I don't expect much from this tablet though. The ability to bring up netflix or play my burned movies form micro SD and to play some simple games for the kids is exactly what I was looking for. I will never use this tablet to crunch numbers, pull up spreadsheets, or anything else work related. But video calls with distant relatives and basic email functionality is all good with me.

  • AnonD-399067

MTK chip is OK (it is relatively powerful btw), but Android 5 and 2GB RAM is ridiculously stupid choice. Why Amazon simple cannot outsource it to company like Onda? V10 pro model is so much better than that crap and costs the same. This tablet is disgrace for the company and to the customers.

  • rename42

aussie, 22 Sep 2017No chance to challenge ipad, from every aspect, at all.Its not meant to