Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017)

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017)

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  • Dan
  • T2y
  • 19 Jun 2023

rayted's comment above makes it sounds like there's a person named 'suez' but this is incorrect. Suez is the codename for this version of the Fire HD 10.

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    • Andysandytechgeek
    • U@$
    • 20 Apr 2023

    Rj Kumar, 03 Apr 2021this tablet's os is lockdown, would not recommend, unl... moreYou can break the is lock with all file applications and use it with Google play. Runs absolutely fine.

      For people that don't already know, there is a way to do custom firmware on this and make it go to something like LineageOS 14/16. Search on xda forums (suez is the main guy, but you need instructions from 1-2 others if updated). If you updated to latest firmware you HAVE TO open up the device to use temp-brick method and short the dots (which is the most difficult part) with one hand while staring at the screen on when it flashes. It's a pain, but well worth it to free it from amazon's lockdown, and becomes usable like a cheapo regular tablet without camera functions.

        this tablet's os is lockdown, would not recommend, unless you don't mind paying less for a locked os

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          • Daredevil
          • XND
          • 19 Nov 2020

          Can i use 256 GB micro sd cards with it?

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            • Shajeeb
            • XUA
            • 18 Jun 2020

            Enable the phone's function.

              i have this tablet, but i think you forgot to list the specs for amazon fire hd tablets 2019

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                • Anonymous
                • Y1$
                • 18 Mar 2020

                Anonymous, 10 Dec 2019How do you get play store on it? Is it hard gor dummies??This is the tutorial I used to install the Play store on my Fire 7 (2019), it should be the same process for Fire HD 10.

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                  • an1
                  • M$W
                  • 24 Feb 2020

                  sausanni, 15 Nov 2019HI, can you down load programmes on the BBC iplayer app to ... moreYes. :-) You can choose 32Gb or 64Gb.

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                    • 10 Dec 2019

                    How do you get play store on it? Is it hard gor dummies??

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                      • sausanni
                      • pYe
                      • 15 Nov 2019

                      HI, can you down load programmes on the BBC iplayer app to watch at a later date OFFLINE

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                        • David
                        • 0qL
                        • 04 Sep 2019

                        Is it 32 bit or 64 bit?

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                          • kgd
                          • 17 Jul 2019

                          I bought this tablet during Christmas 2017. After about 1 and a half years of use, here's my verdict on it.

                          TL;DR - Display? Good, crispy. OS? Perfectly fine if you don't use many apps or use Amazon's services a lot. Not good if you use Google a lot. Hardware? Thick, plastic, durable. Keep in a case. Cameras? Horrible. Battery? Mediocre. Performance? Meh, it'll do for most, but not good for power users. Final verdict: Good value, but for a little more $$$ you can get a better tablet.

                          Display: The display is really nice for this price point. It gets reasonable bright, and is all around good. My only problem with this display though is that the whites are leaning more toward the warmer side. My 2017 Kindle Fire 7 has better calibrated whites than this.

                          OS: I don't like this OS one bit. For people into Amazon's services, it's completely fine, but I personally use many Google apps, and those aren't available on Fire tablets because of a different app store. To counteract this, I sideloaded the Google play store. You could also tinker with it a bit more and root it if you want. The ads and special offers aren't very welcomed either, but it's a cost saving measure, so I can understand why Amazon does this.

                          -Build quality: It's plastic, and is kind of creaky when you press it on, but not a big deal. I warn you to keep it in a case or it will have dozens of small scratches in no time.
                          -Thickness: 9.8mm... really thick for a tablet in this age. Although, I think it helps it more than takes away from it, and you'll see why when you read below this.
                          -Durability: This is one of the main reasons why you should buy one. It's also why parents love this tablet for children. All I can say is that this is the Nokia of tablets. I've dropped it multiple times and it hasn't cracked. There is also a raised lip around the entire screen that protrudes quite a bit, which I think is a really smart addition. However, the scuffs on the edges can be very unsightly (if you drop it), but not a big deal.

                          Performance: Uses a Mediatek chip. If you're not tech savvy, it'll be fine for web browsing and basic to moderate games. Try to do more powerful things like extremely graphical games, it'll slow down a lot.

                          Battery: The battery is mediocre. Not sure if it's my poor charging habits, but I have to keep it on power saver all the time to preserve its battery. For most it'll probably be fine, though.

                          Camera: The cameras on this are bad. Front and back. If Amazon isn't going to improve these cameras, please just remove them all together. It'll be a cheaper tablet, and will shift money towards more valuable aspects of it (Battery, screen, performance, ect.)

                          The future: I plan to trade this in when Amazon releases the new version of this, but I could see this lasting all the way up till possibly 2021 in terms of usability, but past that it'll be nearly impossible.

                          Final verdict: The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a great value tablet, with many added features to this generation that make it very worthwhile, especially if you are heavily invested into Amazon's services. Should you buy this tablet? Yes, but if you have a little more money to spare, there are vastly better options from Samsung and Apple.

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                            • Dhak
                            • X{w
                            • 27 May 2019

                            No , it has gps advantage too.

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                              • Diamondd
                              • 3J9
                              • 24 May 2019

                              Superb tablet. Under half the price of any iPad & this tablet performs amazingly well indeed!! Great screen, long battery life, micro ad storage options & it's very quick too. Great value!!

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                                • bullhead520
                                • kRY
                                • 14 May 2019

                                Mn050711, 24 Sep 2017It's clearly not meant to compete with an iPad. The iPad is... moreBut I bet your Corolla will last longer and not cost as much to run

                                  I know I usually don't like Amazon's tablet's or phones, but I really don't like this one. I feel like this is supposed to be their alternative to the iPad Pro. I think they could have put more power into this tablet because of its size, but the display and processor is disappointing. On the other hand, it's only about 120 dollars on Amazon, so it is good for the money, but I still wouldn't recommend it.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 3x%
                                    • 27 Apr 2019

                                    Once you put Google play store, Nova launcher and Launcher hijack (To run Nova),you have a really good device for the money

                                      @algar1931, 18 Apr 2018Hi I wanted to conect this to my personal hotspot on an IPh... moreHi, It is possible to use this brilliant tablet using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, I do it every day travelling to and from work on our tram system. Mine works really well, a lot faster than the free Wi-Fi on our trams! Follow the instructions that tell you how to connect another device to the internet using your phone as an hotspot, it isn't complicated at all.

                                        Navynuke, 09 Jun 2018Wow! I'm guessing you haven't actually tried one, since you... moreWell said! 😃👍👏 I too am neither poor nor rich, but I know bloody good value for money when I see it... I have only recently escaped the clutches of the cult of the bitten piece of fruit, when it comes to tablets that is, I love my iPh*ne and you will have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers to take it away from me! 😆 I am so happy with my 32 GB Fire HD 10 (2017) that I have bought the 64 GB version as my "away from home" device... I am looking forward to many hours of playful (and hopefully constructive) pleasure with my newly acquired "Marine Blue" friends! Hopefully more & more people will think for themselves and ignore the sometimes almost vitriolic comments about what is a bloody good piece of tech (and that because of it's sensible price gives less affluent people the chance to join the world of tablet computers, I have to applaud Amazon for making that possible, putting aside their abhorrent attitude to paying tax aside of course... 👎😠).