Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019)

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019)

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  • Anonymous
  • MgF
  • 29 Nov 2023

Had one of these 2 years ago, took a lot of abuse before it broke (one of the battery contacts came off the circuit board from dropping) decent for video and internet use but don't try to do too much at once or it will crash. Was able to use outside at -20C for hours as long as it was warm when taken out it stayed warm enough not to freeze the screen. Battery life good up to 10 hours a day email/net surfing/video combo use. Good audio for cheap tablet. If they had 8 or 16 base ram, 128/256 memory and Android 12-14 would be amazing product for the price. Most annoying thing is product trying to sell you Amazon items continually, especially when doing web searches; but there is a downloadable tweaking app that lets you shut that down. Found OS is not compatible with a large number of newer android apps.

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    • Ben
    • 7xn
    • 03 May 2023

    Lesterlynn, 01 Jan 2021I wish Amazon would consider adding more RAM or a better pr... moreI am trying to upgrade from the 7th gen, and noticed 9th gen has the same processor as 11th. Unfortunately, since 7tg and 9th both have 2GB ram,

      I have the 64GB version of this. It's very slow but not as bad as the Fire 7. The display is great for streaming shows and movies. Just don't try playing any games on it unless you want to crash the tablet 5 times a day.
      Battery life is great (about 10-12 hours on YouTube) and I found out it has a 6300mAh battery inside.
      The sound quality isn't very good. It sounds like the speakers are inside a tin can. But they're usable.
      The cameras are both 2mp. Fine for work meetings but you won't see anyone taking good photos on this.
      I'll give this a 7/10. It's slow and has low quality hardware but the battery lasts forever and it has a very nice display.

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        • Anonymous
        • GPd
        • 09 Sep 2021

        My second fire tablet. The first one, with a smaller screen, is impossible to damage and works fine 2.5 years after I bought it. I guess my next tablet is likely to be a newer fire. Great screen, relatively fast, no forced restarts, I love my fire 10 2019 model!

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          • Anonymous
          • 8IQ
          • 31 Jul 2021

          Does not support DFS channels, so it's basically useless for people who want to avoid channel congestion in 5GHz bands.

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            • Tony
            • j@R
            • 18 Mar 2021

            I see cheaper tablets but none with the power to match. The screen is outstanding for the price. Sound is pretty good, they work well when you put forhead in center. I know it sound crazy uncle just try it. Ram ...well at this price point your not finding more. It uses a page file and optimized OS files to make up for this but it is noticable at times.

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              • AnonD-981168
              • mx3
              • 30 Jan 2021

              Lesterlynn, 01 Jan 2021I wish Amazon would consider adding more RAM or a better pr... moreWe'd all like that, but it's unrealistic to expect a budget tablet to have better specs and still stay in the budget price range. All the Amazon tablets get discounts/special offer prices several times a year and I managed to get mine for £89.99 in the 'Black Friday' sale. At that price I'm happy with the performance. I'm just an occasional tablet user and only really bought this out of curiosity to see how good/bad it was. It's surprisingly good for the price I paid, but if I had more use for a tablet, I'd have probably gone the whole hog and got an iPad to match my iPhone.

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                • AnonD-981168
                • mx3
                • 30 Jan 2021

                Anon, 04 Jan 2021Just got recently got this as a cheap comic reader, followe... moreI would say not, as it's a feature often mentioned on high end tablets/phones from Samsung and Apple, but not usually in budget devices like this. One review I read said it had 'hardened glass' without specifying the manufacturer. If you buy a case, it shouldn't really matter and third party screen protectors are available. I got a case for mine, but stopped short of an extra screen protector because of the minefield of mixed reviews and vastly different prices. I'm happy with the Goji case I got from Curry's though.

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                  • Anon
                  • sS$
                  • 04 Jan 2021

                  Just got recently got this as a cheap comic reader, followed some tutorials to debloat it and it's good so far. Does this model come with gorilla glass? I can't seem to find any information on whether or not it does.

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                    • Lesterlynn
                    • UD%
                    • 01 Jan 2021

                    I wish Amazon would consider adding more RAM or a better processor if they plan to release a 2021 model. Every time i use the browser, it has to crash at least once. It's also nearly impossible to multitask using this tablet.

                    The good thing though is that the screen is good for viewing content.

                    The overall build is fine. I dropped it several times and it didn't break yet.

                    I've successfully installed Playstore via some tutorials in YouTube but really i'd rather not install too many apps as it will just slow down the tablet even further.

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                      • onometre
                      • 4Sd
                      • 05 Dec 2020

                      Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020Not sure how this ended up on the latest devices list in De... morethey didn't refresh it this year, so the 2019 one is still current

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                        • s%N
                        • 02 Dec 2020

                        Not sure how this ended up on the latest devices list in Dec 2020?