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Amazon Fire HD 7

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  • Sheri
  • kHG
  • 24 Jun 2023

BroncoFan623, 06 Jun 2022Had my Fire HD 7 since 2014. Still using it in 2022. Got it... morehow did you get the updates?

    Had my Fire HD 7 since 2014. Still using it in 2022. Got it updated to Fire OS Very suprise to see this device still receiving some updates in 2022. Still performs very well.

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      • Rey
      • Y7f
      • 07 Sep 2021

      Had it for about 6 years now. Still runs well for its age.

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        • 4MN
        • 01 Jan 2020

        I called customer support and they confirmed that it has Corning's Gorilla Glass. My Fire HD 7 v.4 is 7 years old and not one screen scratch.

        My disappointments are:
        1. No SD Expansion Slot
        2. No GPS
        3. No 802.11 ac wireless (I have a quad band ac router and only a 2.4Ghz connection)
        4. No ipv6 protocol
        5. No 5Ghz Wireless Support
        6. Will not upgrade past Android 5.1.1
        7. No bridge connection protocol. A bridge protocol would allow me to bridge the 2.4 Ghz band with all three 5 Ghz bands.
        8. Speed test max is 26.32 Mbs. My desktop is on a dual gigabit LAN I average 238 Mbps. Best test ever was 249Mbs connected to an Atlanta Intel server. 26.32 is awful low for a b/g/n wireless card.
        9. No PowerShell app (with PS I could access the root directory to modify/add/change the C++ and Unix code plus hack additional cloud storage)
        10. No flash for rear camera.
        11. Rear cam could be at least 8 MP
        12. Front camera should be no less than 2 MP
        13. No tripod connector.

        But still a good tablet for the money. Tons cheaper than a Galaxy tablet.
        My score 6/10

          My tablet automatically upgraded to Android Version 5.1.1 (still customized by Amazon). (The spec listing of Android 4.4 is the original version the tablet shipped with.) The cases that were available for it (may have changed) have an opening for the rear camera that looks great when the case is closed. However, when the case cover is opened for use, the cover blocks the camera lens (SMH). An SD card can be easily connected using a cheap $5 adapter that plugs right into the miniUSB port. The power cable has a removable wall-plugin so that the cable can also be used to connect directly to a PC USB port. I did have to google how to get the PC (Win10) to recognize the tablet via USB; I think it had something to do with adding a new device.

            Yazan, 02 Jan 2018Does it really have gorilla glassCorning Gorilla Glass according to the specs on this site, and all other specs listed look to be correct. I have dropped my tablet too many times, and the glass screen has never cracked or broken. The same is true for my 3rd generation tablet.

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              • Yazan
              • tZt
              • 02 Jan 2018

              Does it really have gorilla glass

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                • Paul
                • v%7
                • 05 Apr 2016

                Tammy, 30 Dec 2014The videos and pics are stuck in my hd7 and know matter wha... moreJust download a free program like MoboRobo to your computer and you will be able to transfer what you want

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                  • sd1
                  • 12 Dec 2015

                  Tammy, 30 Dec 2014The videos and pics are stuck in my hd7 and know matter wha... moreIt doesn't work like that. There isn't a removable memory card in it. Everything you downloaded can be uploaded to the cloud, then downloaded to your computer. See if you can find someone who can read and explain this to you. Best of luck!

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                    • mulbri
                    • 07L
                    • 20 Mar 2015

                    This is a great little tablet, much more powerful than the original Kindle Fire which I replaced with this one for my daughter. Much more sturdy as well - especially the charging port. I paid $200 for an original fire 3 years ago, and $60 less for one twice as powerful 3 years later. a great deal, IMO.

                    It is hard to get certain OS's to recognize the Fire as a storage device, even though it "connects" and installs drivers just fine. I use Ghost Commander from the Amazon App store to transfer files wirelessly. You have to install the Ghost Commander Samba Share app as well to play nice with Windows.

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                      • Tammy
                      • k7H
                      • 30 Dec 2014

                      The videos and pics are stuck in my hd7 and know matter what I do the USB- plugged in to the computer does not show the hd7 tablet and I can't use my tablet! I need to transfer all videos and pics in to the flash drive and on to computer soon as possible.