Amazon launches new Kindle Oasis with adjustable color tone display

Prasad, 20 June 2019

Amazon has launched the updated Kindle Oasis, which comes with a new lighting system that allows you to adjust the color temperature of the display.

With this model, you can choose to have the display light be either a cool white or a more warmer yellow based on your preference. The display can also change its color temperature based on time of the day.

Apart from that, the new model also features faster page refreshes thanks to a new e-ink display. There's also a new Champagne Gold color that joins the previous Graphite. Other than that, the new model is identical to the previous one.

The new Kindle Oasis starts at $249 for the 8GB model.


Reader comments

  • Hmm

It's for reading books you don't need that much, it's not like you are playing games on it ffs!

  • Anonymous

because I'm a paying customer who expects a nearly $200 device to have more storage in 2019. also it's nowhere nearly enough if you're using your kindle for reading comic/manga. and amazon unironically sells 32gb version in Japan. not for you pl...

  • Anonymous

8gb is enough space for 6000 books :D why would you want to add storage just for the sake of it? It's a shame they don't use usb-c though.