Amazon Music gets price hike in US and UK

Michail, 20 January 2023

Amazon Music Unlimited plans will be $1/£1 more expensive for users from February 21 as the latest price hike in the music streaming world. US users will now pay $10.99 per month for their individual (non-Prime) subscription while those in the UK will be charged £10.99 instead of the £9.99 current pricing.

Amazon Music gets price hike in US and UK

Student pricing in both regions is also getting a $1/£1 from $/£4.99 to $/£5.99 per month. Amazon’s customer service page explains that the new raised prices will “help bring even more content and features” to users. Amazon Music is the third largest streaming platform in the world behind Apple Music and Spotify.

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Yes bro I don't west my money on any music streaming services, YouTube is best or Spotify Premium Mod is perfect..


More reason to pirate everything The pirate bay and frost wire is your friend = saving you money …

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