Samsung enters partnership for graphic technologies in smartphones

Michail, 04 June 2019

AMD and Samsung have reached a deal that will bring Radeon graphic solutions to future Samsung mobile devices, including smartphones.

The partnership will effectively license AMD’s custom graphics IP based on the recently announced RDNA architecture in return for which Samsung will pay royalties.

The deal is a multi-year collaboration, which Samsung hopes will allow them to advance future smartphone productivity and innovation. For AMD this is a chance to reach a wider audience in the mobile market and expand their Radeon user base and development support globally.

“We look forward to working with AMD to accelerate innovations in mobile graphics technologies that will help take future mobile computing to the next level.” - Inyup Kang (Samsung)



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

good for gamers, not for the pockets

  • Anonymous

Hope Samsung invests heavy into smartphone cooling with those Radeon chips inside.

  • Anonymous

As in the case of CPUs, direct spec by spec comparison is only relevant when we are talking about the exact same architecture. For eg. Apple A12 running at 2.0 GHz is far more powerful than Cortex A55 running at 2.0 GHz. Bandwidth while crucial for...

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