Amoi A9B

Amoi A9B

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  • silcosilva
  • vjs
  • 06 Jan 2007

a very robust phone.i got one in singapore a year ago,it was my 1st amoi phone and it is actually better than my other 5 new amoi(d89,s6,a310) phones that i got.battery life is excellent for a phone of it class,the weight is a bit too heavy.however,the speaker is a bit irritating and long conversation not encouraged as the radiation is very high.

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    • alberto marquez
    • 5%X
    • 27 Apr 2005

    i would like to know if there is a phone number for assistance here in the states

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      • Anonymous
      • 09 Feb 2004

      What else would you expect from a Chinese manufacturer? Techy designs that just fall short.