Amoi E72

Amoi E72

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  • Riman
  • ji{
  • 10 Jul 2009

Is it true that, it doesn't support JAVA ???

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    • iBt
    • 26 Jan 2008

    what, it has already hit the shelves. Following the sweeping success of Nokia N73
    the cerdo gonzalez

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      • NEO69
      • iBt
      • 28 Dec 2007

      and its a direct competitor to the N81. Sorry but N81 IS better, has WiFi, 3D speakers, Navi-wheel, better video recording,better screen, etc. . . Would love to see which will sell more.
      de puro cuento yessss

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        • JONA182
        • iBt
        • 21 Dec 2007

        is camera the fhone is very good!!!!!!!!!!!

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          • JONA182
          • iBt
          • 20 Dec 2007

          ahh... ok but here in phil it really sucks i bought in the morning at the store that i knew the good thing is i checked the unit and foun out the video,software etc. Immediatlly i return it in the afternoon and swap it to a diff unit the good thing very very callampa nadie lo cacha

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            • AMD
            • MW@
            • 08 Aug 2007

            nice mobile nice shape, and good 1.3 MP camera .