Amoi E850

Amoi E850

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  • 05 May 2009

Neo, 08 May 2007can u say best phone evr made i love it to bits.... this pd... moredoes the camera take clear pictures capture every detail

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    • mVV
    • 24 Jun 2007

    Looks interesting...

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      • PEH
      • 08 May 2007

      my god!!! O2 has been copied....not a 3G..haha..worst cellphone maker because its made in china

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        • Neo
        • PP$
        • 08 May 2007

        can u say best phone evr made i love it to bits.... this pda poo's on the rest i had all programs running and still no lagging wat so eva

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          • silcosilva
          • vjs
          • 06 Jan 2007

          i was lucky enough to get to try this pocketpcphone when it was released in china from an oversea 3 day try was very 'exciting'.
          the windows mobile 5.0 did well with the phone.this pocketpc did lag under full operation but at least it got its work done at last.the 2.0 CMOS Megapixel camera could have been better but i don't think you would actually use a pocket pc phone to take pics.wireless and the bluetooth was a 1st i got to try from an amoi product.playing music through the internal speaker was,hm...,interesting but the other amoi music phone(with stereo speakers) are better.battery life,i had no idea.i charge it once a day(cause i kept touching/using it non-stop,kiasu lol).
          sad news,its not coming to singapore's market sooner.i miss it lol.