Amoi M630

Amoi M630

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  • Cyril

I just bought ĩ630 and it has many functions but I canīt read and apply them because they are written in Chinese.
I shall be most grateful if you send me a brochure in English.At your request I shall give the details of my purchase.
Thank you.

  • Please no foul langu

it,s the best but there is one problem that it cant be arabic if ypu have the program for chenging it to arabic please send me the program with all regardes

kamal m.m

  • silcosilva

this phone is okay and of average value. its mp3 player is fine backed up by quality speakers(dual some more). i agree tat this AMOi phone has some recording fault, there are no sound. anyway, this problem is faced on other AMOi models, such as F90.

  • Anonymous

the phone is very good but with some dissadvanteges like:
1- the phone can't record video with voice.
2- the alarm is available without a nap.
3- it can't read long messages speacialy in arabic .
thank you