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Amoi S6

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Macbeth, 30 Jul 2018A phone with an OLED screen, in 2003? Please tell me you're... moreit's the first oled phone in the world (za warudo)

A phone with an OLED screen, in 2003? Please tell me you're joking!

  • Alex

Good phone. I really like the screen because I have never come across a monochrome slide phone before. I bet this phone is good quality.

  • silcosilva

this is one of amoi's cheapest phone in singapore,at S$55.90 for first hand.
the models sold in singapore faced a problem where the phone would turn off automatically during sms function.
i like the blue oled display however i hate the fact the screen wont turn off on standby.sliding is smooth for the sand silver and milky white model.however,if you purchase the elegant scarlet and the blue model,you will face a a slightly tight sliding process due to its extra paint coating to create the shiny appearance.the tiny 3 colour led at the bottom of screen is cool.sound quality was a bit tiny during conversation.reception was good.battery life was a bit down side for the 720mAh version.

  • cardogie

very nice clear sound good reception

  • Rowena

I love this phone! Like all phones, it can't please everything you're looking for. For me, I found it strange that it does not have a speed dial option (press and hold a number) and there's no normal ring tone other than songs. And also, I don't get notified when I receive a voicemail, and I can't get the blank screen saver to work. If someone knows how to fix the last two problems, can you let me know? Thanks!
I do love how the alarm works eventhough the phone is off, and also the awesome electric blue color. Overall, this is an excellent phone!

  • Elio Teixeira

good I telephone, hurts that it is not to color, although the screen has a hi-res and a fast change between images, the games are good, the dictionary is insufficient and to place new words is difficult, the reception is normal, the keys are of great style. in conclusion great look but him lack to be a great one I telephone.

  • stan

Amoi, i will say the smatest phone i bought so far. It is slick and cool to carry around. I guess it was designed to be used by James Bond. You can record a conversation, have a conference up to 6 people. What more do you expect?

  • komi

I like it ...
Small, light phone, with nice basic function .. Good reciption ...

  • joe

i have had this phone now for about a week and this phone is great! small very lightweight. amazing clarity for voice and very good for reception.

  • joe

just got this phone and so far i love it!

  • donnabalbuena

Please email me where i buy the charger of Amoi S6. here in manila.


very cool slider but da display!!!!!