Android Auto surpasses 100m on Google Play

Ivan, 13 January 2020

Android Auto has surpassed the 100 million download mark on the Google Play Store and is going strong with a 4/5 rating from more than 800 thousand reviews.

Android Auto was released to the public five years ago and has over the years gotten better with the inclusion of Assistant support as well as a more streamlined and responsive UI.

Android Auto surpasses 100m on Google Play

Android Auto is supported by thousands of vehicles and across thousands of infotainment systems, but even if you have an older car, there's Auto UI - a simplified launcher for using your phone safely while driving.

Android Auto comes bundled with Android 10 devices so its download days will get reduced over time.

Android Auto on Google Play


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Android Auto is just so much better than Apple Carplay. Carplay sucks so badly it's nearly making me return my iPhone 11 and go back to my P20 Pro.

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  • Anonymous

All those poor souls trusting google with their data, even in their cars. Anything coming from google and facebook is pure evil/trash.