Android M to be named Marshmallow, Googlers Nat and Lo suggest

George, 15 August, 2015

Ever since Google announced Android M back in May, two of the most intriguing questions, if by far not the most important ones, have been what exactly version number the new OS will carry and what the M will stand for.

The general consesus on the first point is that Android M will only bump the digits to 5.2, but the next version candy remains a mystery. Among the myriad of options, so far Milkshake, Muffin and Marshmallow have emerged as favorites, and this new insider video on YouTube points to the latter. Now, when we say "insider" we mean Google employees Nat and Lo, who in their own words aren't familiar with everything that goes on at the tech giant (as if Larry page himself is).

Anyhow, the two ladies have come up with a short song, titled "What's M gonna be?", which lists a whole bunch of naming possibilities. Musical qualities aside, the video ends with a guy sandblasting/painting a white half-droid, which looks suspiciously like a marshmallow.

You don't need us to tell you, but we will anyway, that the video may very well be a ploy to throw us in the wrong direction. So don't be surprised if come announcement date the same white half-droid shows up on stage, only to have a muffin come out of it.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

M stands for Memory Leak or More Lag. lol.

  • AnonD-430502

I think they will name it Maple Syrup!!

  • Anonymous

They said the video was just a distraction to make people believe it will be marshmallow. Don' be suprised when something else comes out when Google unveil it.

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