Android now lets you sign into Google apps using your fingerprint

Ro, 14 August 2019

Google has rolled out an update to its Google services allowing you to log in using your fingerprint instead of typing in passwords in supported websites. The update is available to all devices with at least Android 7 Nougat. Of course, Pixel devices are seeing the upgrade sooner than most.

Once you register your enroll your fingerprint in certain Google services, you will be asked if you want to use your fingerprint reader to log in from now on. The method works natively in apps and on the web.

The authentication method is built on the FIDO2 standards, W3C WebAuthn and FIDO CTAP for simple, yet secure way to log in using your biometrics data. Actually, thanks to the FIDO2 standard, the authentication method can finally be used on the web and not only on apps that support the native fingerprint API on Android.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

:) the best way to have finger prints,about 60% of population

An other interesting but confusing feature for older people.

"...but i also don't share all my info, if i have the option to limit the info i share, i do." Exactly my point about privacy! Giving your info, especially for the sake of meaningless ads, means privacy intrusion. I rather not give mine at all!

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