Android version 1.5 SDK released, OS update can't be far away

14 April, 2009

The new version of the Android platform is obviously quite close to making an official debut. Starting today, developers can get an early look at the SDK for it, which contains a number of new APIs for making use of the new upcoming "Cupcake" features.

Based on the Cupcake branch of the Android Open Source Project, the ver. 1.5 of Adroid OS will allow for 3rd party virtual on-screen keyboards, home screen widgets, live folders, and speech recognition.

Developers can download the new SDK from the official developer website over here along with additional information about the new developer tools and structure, introduced with this SDK.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

because these features are archaic and not needed. BT FT? so far out of date its not funny, plus its just another way for people to easily pirate files (mp3s etc, the stuff people are trying to stop). video recording off a mobile camera has always be...

  • dudey

Thats great, but heres my question(s): When are we going to see full bluetooth file transfer, video recording etc. . .in Android? How is it that it was released before all this was implemented?

  • Kev

Third! Can't wait to see what new apps come out with home screen widgets!

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