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26 Apr, 2004
Colly Myers, a former PSion director who helped found Symbian in 1998, has launched a new service for mobile users through his UK start up company, IssueBits.

Customers on Orange and Vodafone mobile networks will be able to have any questions answered by texting the Any Question Answered (AQA) service on 63336. The AQA service runs on IssueBits 'patent-pending' technology, a combination of intelligent computer algorithms, database technology and human researchers.

According to IssueBits, 'within minutes AQA will return a concise answer'. The company says questions can be worded in any way and promise a single return text. According to Myers, the simplicity of AQA, with just one number 63336 for all customers, means that it will have broad appeal to mobile phone users.

The billing details of questions asked will automatically appear on customer's phone bills at the cost of a pound plus a text message.

Some examples of actual questions answered:

Where is a good pub in tooting?
The Ramble Inn, Amen Corner, Mitcham Rd, Tooting with an excellent small pub and the Trafalgar Arms on Tooting Broadway are both highly recommended.

What are the main blood groups?
There are 8 blood groups which are: A Rh+, A RH-, B Rh+, B Rh-, AB Rh+, AB Rh-, O Rh+, O Rh-. Blood group O is the most common in the world.

What bus numbers go from Blaxton to Doncaster?
Buses number 291 and 399 running 4 and 3 times a day go from Blaxton to Doncaster. Tel 01427 728227 for detailed routes and times.

Where is the longest golf course?
The world's longest golf course is the International Golf Club in Massachusetts at 8,325 yards from the tiger tees. Par for the course is 77.

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Google killed it and cheap data plans :)

  • lund
  • 03 Aug 2009
  • PGj

Where is the longest golf course?

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