Apple acknowledges iPhone X's touch issues and MacBook Pro 13's data loss

Ro, 09 November 2018

There has been an ongoing touch issue with some of the iPhone X units as well as MacBook Pro 13 data loss problems and the company is now acknowledging them by launching a replacement program for both.

If you are one of those users experiencing "ghost touches" or the panel not responding to touches on your iPhone X, then you are eligible for a free replacement. You just have to contact your local service center and let them resolve the issue by replacing the panel or even the whole unit.

Along with the iPhone X replacement program, Apple is also running one for its MacBook Pro 13 units produced between June 2017 and June 2018. This one is for the data loss that some owners experience due to faulty SSDs.

You can check if your device is eligible for a free repair/replacement at the source links below.

Source 1 | Source 2


Reader comments

Ok I looked into it and looks like my bet sucks... Although,LG does provide displays for the XS series Samsung is the sole manufacturer of the X's displays

And by you,if it is all over the news,it must be the sole and ultimate truth,without even a single second invested in research if it actually is,or not?

Looks like your definition of "unbiased" is a bit off...If you would jusr read where I put an "if" nounce, you would not call my post biased.But you only read what you wanted it to be,because you are,like I said before,noticeably biased and protectiv...

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