Apple adds China Mobile to iPhone 5C carriers list

07 September, 2013

According to the latest report by Wall Street Journal China Mobile has already signed or will very soon sign a deal with Apple for the low-cost iPhone 5C. Apple has asked Foxconn to add China Mobile to the list of supported carriers for the iPhone 5C.

It is not yet clear if the deal is complete so we can't be sure if China Mobile will participate at the Chinese iPhone launch event in Beijing on September 11.

According to the rumors, China Mobile's iPhone 5C will ship in November. The carrier is still waiting for approval to launch its LTE network and that may be the reason for the delay. Meanwhile China Telecom has already put up pre-order pages for the iPhone 5S and 5C.

Apple is holding a press conference next Tuesday, September 10, where it is expected to announce the iPhone 5S flagship and the low-cost iPhone 5C.

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  • johnpeeter

Now China Mobile Apple mobile to mobile development is fake,Apple should make a perfect idea for.

  • Anonymous

This is the confirmation for your comment.

  • Anonymous

iPhone is light premium mobile device.. When on the move, its more productive to be able to use the phone in one hand. And when a pen is involved, it means 2 hands.. Not productive unless your both hands are freed. And it spoilt the look, s...