Apple and IBM announce global enterprise mobility partnership

15 July, 2014

Apple and IBM announced exclusive global partnership to transform enterprise mobility. The duo of tech behemoths will launch a new class of business apps for iOS, which will bring IBM’s data and analytics expertise to the Apple’s iPhone and iPad family.

The strategic partnership will try to address some of the key industry challenges in four major aspects. They involve over a hundred specific enterprise solutions, including native apps for iPhone and iPad, iOS-optimized IBM cloud services, AppleCare service for enterprise, and IBM offerings for device activation and management.

The lineup of IBM solutions for iOS will be called MobileFirst. As part of the agreement between the two companies, IBM will sell iPhone and iPad devices with tailored enterprise solutions to its business clients.

The first IBM MobileFirst apps for iOS will debut this fall. More solutions will follow suit in 2015.

With the IBM partnership, Apple aims squarely into a segment currently dominated by the likes of BlackBerry and Microsoft. The strategy shift will open a whole new, incredibly lucrative market for the Cupertino giant.



Reader comments

  • ThunderCrakR

If Apple cannot do something by themselves (a situation which happens usually) they will ”got helped” by others' technology, officially or unofficially, if you understand me.

  • Anonymous

He's not Obama. I work in Europe. Contrary to what iPhone fans think and say all the time the phone costs as much as a monthly rent for a small apartment in Brussels so virtually anyone can afford it here should they want to.

  • Anonymous

so - Nokia + Microsoft Apple + IBM Samsung + Google?