Apple Arcade now offers a slightly cheaper yearly subscription

Peter, 16 December 2019

Apple Arcade was announced in March and launched with a price of $5 a month. Now Apple has decided to add a yearly payment option, which drops the monthly price a bit.

Changing from a monthly to a yearly subscription for Apple Arcade
Changing from a monthly to a yearly subscription for Apple Arcade

In North America, a year of Arcade costs USD50 in the US and CAD60 in Canada. In the UK and mainland Europe, it’s GBP50 and EUR50, respectively. You save about 20% for one year - here’s how much you’ll be paying per month with either option.

Apple Arcade Monthly subscription Yearly subscription
US USD 5/mo, USD 60 a year USD 4.17/mo, USD 50 a year
Canada CAD 6/mo, CAD 72 a year CAD 5.00/mo, CAD 60 a year
UK GBP 5/mo, GBP 60 a year GBP 4.17/mo, GBP 50 a year
Europe EUR 5/mo, EUR 60 a year EUR 4.17/mo, EUR 50 a year

If that sounds good, you can go into the App Store, Account, Subscriptions and change the Arcade subscription from “1 Month” to “1 Year”.

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Reader comments

This is super costly. I use Uplay, Steam and Blizzard shops for gaming and good discounts on many their products. Also i use and highly reccomend for trillions of oldschool games, arcade games but also a new games for a price nowhere seen on an...

  • Love the Community
  • 17 Dec 2019
  • Fv4

I'll consider that if they bring back their only AAA game series called Infinity Blade. Epic and Chair Entertainment should make a Triple Remaster Pack and be done on Unreal Engine 4.

  • I'mPhone
  • 17 Dec 2019
  • 61%

Lol it depends on the type of service, I think Apple TV and Arcade are useless but AppleCare and others would be useful. But the problem is most Apple services comes at a premium (not cheap). I have a relatively new iPhone and I don't enrol in any of...

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